Domestic Business Upgrade Change?

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Hi All,

Previously when searching for Qantas flights on the domestic network, I've performed the following:

- I've noted the flights with Classic Business Rewards available;

- Booked an economy seat;

- Requested a business upgrade on receipt of ticket, which was approved immediately. Qantas were the ones who advised me of this process.

However, when I've undertaken this process recently I only go on the 'request list' for an upgrade rather than being confirmed immediately.

Do you know if there has been a change to this process?


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Did you wait long before requesting the upgrade? Cancel the request, then immediately request the upgrade again. This happens from time to time.


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It worked fine for me and received immediate upgrade but that was in Feb I last did it. Unless something has changed since then. But note that you must wait until you receive your e-ticket confirmation with PDF attached to the email. Only then, do the upgrade.

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