Corporate Traveller spruiks

By David Flynn, June 20 2011
Corporate Traveller spruiks

Business travel specialist Corporate Traveller is putting its money where your booking is, with a new 'beat the fare or fly for free' guarantee.

If Corporate Traveller customers find a cheaper available airfare the agency will undercut it -- and if it can't, the full cost of the airfare will be waived and you'll fly for free.

We don't expect many or indeed any free flights to be handed out: it's certainly going to be easier for Corporate Traveller to take a small loss on undercutting a fare by $1 instead of flinging freebie tickets around.

But it's a smart move to show that business travel bookers can be cheaper than self-booking –- and that's just on the cost of a ticket, let alone the time spent in researching and booking flights.

"While the cost of flying still remains very affordable, cost-conscious business owners want to know they are buying their travel at the most competitive price" says Corporate Traveller national marketing manager Chris Preston. "Our guarantee ensures all of our clients are given the opportunity to receive the best ticket prices everyday of the year."

At the same time, Preston also wants to spread the word that there's more to booking business travel than price alone.

"If a corporate traveller is buying restricted or discounted air tickets and they’re continuously making ticket changes, the ongoing cost of change fees could end up costing their company more in the long-term. Alternatively if a traveller is paying for fully-flexible fares and the flexibility to change the flight time isn’t needed, this also represents missed savings for a business.”

Preston says that Corporate Traveller, as part of the Flight Centre network of travel brands, has plenty of airfare specialists on its books.

“Many of our corporate travel managers have spent years working as leisure travel consultants before they cross over to the corporate division, which means they all have extensive experience in ticket airfare types, airfare routing, purchasing and booking. They know which category of airfare is best suited to their clients and know how to get someone from point A to B in the most cost and time efficient way.

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