Everything you always wanted to know about business class food

By David Flynn, February 3 2012
Everything you always wanted to know about business class food

Leathery beef? Rubber chicken? Unidentifiable brown goo? Not any more in business class, as airlines push ever further into the realms of gastronomy to woo you — and your tastebuds.

Apologies or uncaring "What do you expect at 30,000 feet?" shrugs of the shoulders are no longer necessary now that business travellers can increasingly look forward to enjoying a meal and matched wine that's on par with the best bistro.

In recognition of this, we at Australian Business Traveller featured a week-long series of articles on in-flight dining: the trends, the challenges and the innovations, and how airlines are taking in-flight meals to a new level (no pun intended).

Our 'Food Week' saw AusBT journalist and gourmand John Walton pull together some exclusive insider interviews for a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into putting quality meals on your business class tray table.

Here's the full menu for your perusal:

We'll also be showcasing the best (and worst!) food our readers have encountered in the air next week: send your photos and notes to [email protected].

So sit back and tuck into Food Week on Australian Business Traveller – and for the very latest, catch us on Twitter and join the conversation @AusBT.

Well they should make more of an effort to serve better food. Especially for business class pax who have paid $7,000+ for their ticket.

03 Jan 2011

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What would you like to see? Who does it well, and who needs to really pull their socks up?

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

05 Jan 2012

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A friend was travelling once and he asked what the meat was that he was  being served. The Flight attendant said it's Hoss (Horse).

27 Jan 2012

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27 Jan 2012

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I think it should only be standard to supply/include a meal with the passengers fare. If a business person has been running around alday, and busy, a least they can look forward to a relaxed and enjoyable meal in flight.

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