Five tips to keep your hair looking its best when travelling

Feeling dull, flat, or lifeless? These haircare tips will keep your locks in tip-top shape when you're on the road.

By Staff Writers, October 7 2019
Five tips to keep your hair looking its best when travelling
Executive Traveller x Hairhouse

Business travel can take its toll on even the most seasoned flyers – overnight flights, living out of a suitcase, indulgent meals and a poor sleep schedule all wreak havoc on how you feel and look.

Ironically, it’s during business travel that we most often need to look our best as we’re meeting new clients or colleagues, making first impressions and trying to win business.

We all love the look and feel of salon fresh hair, but we don’t always have the luxury of visiting a salon whilst travelling, so we’ve compiled a few handy tips and some ideas from Hairhouse to keep your hair looking its best while you’re on the road.

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1. Plan in advance

If there’s any advice that trumps the rest, it’s this – plan in advance. With a little bit of forethought, you can save time on the road and not stress about what you’ll do on days that you’re travelling or away from home.

Blow dry or style your hair prior to travelling (this gives you the best shot of extending the life of your styled hair when you’re travelling). If you’re not going to a humid environment, you can extend the life of your styled hair by taking your hair straightener with you for touch ups on day two or three.

2. Pack travel-sized versions of the quality products you use at home

Hair can be sensitive, especially when we’re in new environments. Reaching for the complimentary hair products in hotels is the last thing you want to be doing when you’re trying to look your best when travelling – there is a reason why they’re free, they are usually cheap and poor quality.

Invest in travel-sized bottles of the products you use at home, or get refillable bottles that you can top up from your home supply. If you’re strapped for time, pick up a quality travel pack, like these examples from Moroccanoil, Davroe and Redken.

3. Don’t rely on the hotel for your styling tools              

Hotels are notorious for having poor quality hairdryers. Instead, pack your own and rest assured you’ll be able to style your hair exactly as you would at home.

GHD offers the perfect compact hair dryer for the ultimate styling on the go, with universal voltage and a premium, powerful design. And, it’s 50% lighter than the ghd air®, so save on weight and space!

4. Extend the life of your style

You can extend blow-dried hair by restyling it with a round brush and some styling products – shine spray and volume powder are fabulous for travel because they will extend the life of your hairstyle, while being light and small enough to easily fit into your carry-on.

Similarly, dry shampoo can also work wonders in keeping your hair looking flawless without becoming flat and lifeless.

5. Take a good shower cap with you

To keep your hair looking it’s best for several days, bring your own shower cap. The free ones at hotels are convenient, but are often flimsy and do a poor job of keeping your hair dry. Instead bring your own from home or purchase one specifically to take on trips with you so that you don’t forget it.

This article is sponsored by Hairhouse