FYI: Continental Airlines is no more, flights now United

By John Walton, March 7 2012
FYI: Continental Airlines is no more, flights now United

IN BRIEF | Booked on a Continental Airlines flight within the US? Don't be confused when you get to the airport: Continental has now been subsumed into merger partner United's brand, with all former CO flight numbers now UA codes, so check that yours is visible on your ticket or boarding card.

Last weekend, United passengers had a nightmare of a time as the two airlines' reservations systems were combined, although as of Monday Australian time things were getting back to normal.

Still, you're best off checking that your frequent flyer number, seat reservation, meal choices and other requests are still in your booking. And make sure you know what your new UA flight number is.

But you might want to see if a PA can do it for you -- United's telephones are ringing off the hook and wait times have been extensive.

And with computer glitches still a possibility, you'd be best advised to fly like it's 1999 and bring computer printouts of your booking and boarding pass rather than relying on the airline's terminal systems to print them for you.

John Walton

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An interesting read about the merger from a highly respected Tech Blogger and former Forbes Journalist.

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