• He has signed up. Converted A320 NEO orders over

  • FIDO Alliance for PC/Phone authentication uses retina, not fingerprint too. Fingerprints are deemed too unreliable or even untrustworthy.  This is why Microsoft Devices, such as Surface 4 and Lumia 950, don't have fingerprint readers, and use retina scanning for...

  • When I read the headline, I was almost expecting to see another airline flying ex CBR.  Too much to hope for I suppose

  • Virgin's new checkin kiosks

    Nov 21, 2015, 06:59 AM

    I hope Virgin leapfrogs Qantas by introducing electronic ink tags like BA, factoring in both RFID as well using agreed standards.  Luggage tags, rather than being an object of privilege, acquired through status or bought for a premium, could be tailored to the individual with unique patterns...

  • The 10 most scenic airport approaches

    May 20, 2015, 10:57 AM

    Glad to see Queenstown on the list.  I have to agree.  Also note that it is awesome being in the bus going up to the Remarkables and seeing what appear to be wee little A320s and B737s coming into land below.

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  • Originally Posted by Polbathic They probably need to be more strategic with fewer alliances that work better for both the airline and frequent flyers alike. Concentrate on SQ, DL and HN whilst continuing alliances where helpful for intermediate destinations such as HA. For NZ (the country) fly d...

  • On the plus side - we may get Google/Android Pay finally. The chip to add to your phone is comparatively insecure, and just confusing when you have multiple cards to pay with on your device.

  • "When the Dohar flights think of Brisbane, my Airbus Qatar gently weeps."  (sing to the tune "While my guitar gently weeps", by the Beatles.)   :p

  • Just ordered a Bankwest Qantas Platinum.  Annual Fee $99.  Points are only 1-$1, but no Forex exchange fees.  This attracted me as the 3.3% forex fees add up!If you want a Debit card, in the short term, ING is the best value - 5% off on Paywave transactions below $100.  Better...

  • Have a look: http://www.ausbt.com.au/skytrans-starts-daily-flights-between-sydney-and-toowoomba

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