Get 100 free Hyatt Gold Passport points

By David Flynn, January 31 2014
Get 100 free Hyatt Gold Passport points

Want a quick and easy 100 points to add to your Hyatt Gold Passport account?

Sure, 100 points isn't a whole lot – but if it makes the difference between qualifying for a free night at a Hyatt property and having to pay, we know which side of the ledger we'd rather be sitting on.

And given that all you need do to 'earn' those points is to type in your Gold Passport number and click your mouse – well, 10 seconds for 100 points is a decent trade.

This gift from Hyatt is part of a Chinese New Year celebration, and while it's supposed to be a targetted promotion available only to selected members it seems that any Gold Passport member can hoover up those points.

The promotion runs through to February 15th – click here to grab your free 100 points.

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12 Jun 2013

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Worth about two bucks or more depending what you do with it. Worth the minimalist effort!

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