Hawaiian Airlines eyes Sydney, Brisbane, Perth for new Boeing 787s

By David Flynn, March 7 2018
Hawaiian Airlines eyes Sydney, Brisbane, Perth for new Boeing 787s

Hawaiian Airlines has just inked an order for 10 Boeing 787-9s, with options for ten more on the table – and some of those could be headed to Australia, including a new route to Perth.

Due for delivery from 2021, the Dreamliners wIll become the airline's flagship for medium to long-range flights.

A spokesman for Hawaiian Airlines tells Australian Business Traveller that the factory-fresh jets will replace some of its current Airbus A330-200 fleet "as needed, based on our future network and growth needs, and will also be able to take us to new destinations in the Asia/Pacific region."

Hawaiian Airlines currently flies its Airbus A330-200s to Sydney and Brisbane, and Hawaiian Airlines CEO Peter Ingram has added that destinations "such as Perth were certainly options."

The airline has yet to decide if the Dreamliners will see an all-new business class seat compared to its current design (seen above), with the spokesman adding "we have not yet determined the seat layout or how many seats we will have."

Hawaiian Airlines had previously ordered six Airbus A330-800 jets but has cancelled that in favour of the Boeing 787-9s.


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17 Jun 2016

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With extra planes (assuming they don't retire 10 older ones), it would be nice to see them add MEL as a destination.

30 Aug 2017

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I recently did AKLto HNL on Hawaiian. I thought they really needed a new aircraft to replace their old A332. I took an Air NZ flight back home on their 789. It was ten times better. I felt way less tired although it was a west bound/longer leg.

24 Aug 2011

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So J class may improve but Y class will get the dreaded 9 abreast 787 downgrade.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

28 Aug 2014

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"Y class will get the dreaded 9 abreast 787 downgrade"

9 abreast in Y class on a 789 is hardly dreaded.

Have you been on a 10 abreast on a 777?

Airbus offers an 11 abreast A380 config; now THAT'S a downgrade.

having done a short hop on a 787 in the middle seat (second from the window) I can say at first I was impressed how open the cabin was and that I could see out the window. But I don't have wide shoulders and I was between two thin women and reading a book, adjusting the light, etc it was clear how skinny the seats are 3-3-3. it's no wonder premium economy is so popular. 2 4 2 in a 330 is way nicer and honestly I think Hawaiian chose $ over passenger expertice.

Delta Air Lines - SkyMiles

14 Apr 2013

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What about the airline Airbus A330-8 NEO orders?

Virgin Australia - Platinum

26 Jun 2011

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I'm assuming the A330-8 NEO order has been cancelled, reading to the last line of the article! I could be wrong though!


30 Jul 2015

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The A330 NEO order was cancelled.

06 Dec 2017

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I see the 9 across as a good thing.i did the same flight years ago on an old qantas 747-200 and coming home from canada had me in one of those dreaded four across seats in the middle.this is better.

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