Hobart Airport back to normal after 'security breach'

By David Flynn, November 9 2011
Hobart Airport back to normal after 'security breach'

UPDATE | Flights at Hobart Airport have resumed normal operations following a 'security breach' just after noon, local time, when a power failure shut down the airport's security screening equipment.

While reportedly fewer than a dozen passengers went through the system without being properly cleared "as a precautionary measure a decision was made that passengers in the departures lounge and boarding an aircraft were requested to move to the non-secure area of the terminal", Hobart Airport spokeswoman Kathryn McCann told Australian Business Traveller.

Both the departures lounge and the aircraft were searched, and all passengers were re-screened. Only two flights were delayed as a result of this – a Virgin Australia flight was held for 25 minutes and a Jetstar flight for 24 minutes.

BREAKING NEWS | Hobart Airport's terminal has been temporarily evacuated following a 'security breach' just after noon local time.

It is as yet unclear how or why security at the airport was breached, but all flights are likely to be affected as the domestic and international terminal are under the same roof.

With Virgin Australia flights to Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne due to take off in the next hour or so -- plus a Jetstar Melbourne flight at 1335 -- travellers can expect delays.

Knock-on effects may also be felt if aircraft are out of position once flights resume.


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