How has COVID-19 changed your business travel plans for 2021?

Coronavirus, travel restrictions and videoconferencing apps like Zoom could bring about a seismic shift.

By David Flynn, January 4 2021
How has COVID-19 changed your business travel plans for 2021?

Business travellers will remember 2020 as the year when everything changed.

The global pandemic decimated airlines, while a raft of travel restrictions grounded frequent flyers who used to think nothing of jumping onto a plane to dart between cities, across the country or even halfway around the world.

Those trips were quickly replaced by technology as the use of videoconferencing apps surged.

Newcomers such as Zoom joined established platforms from the likes of Microsoft, Google and Cisco as must-haves apps.

And what does this mean for the year ahead?

In this quick survey, we'd like to learn how COVID-19 and videoconferencing apps will shape your domestic Australian business travel plans for 2021.

If you can spare the less-than-four-minutes needed to share your thoughts, please click this link to visit our secure survey site – and thanks in advance from the Executive Traveller team.


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