How to claim missing Qatar Privilege Club miles after your flight

By Chris C., September 12 2017
How to claim missing Qatar Privilege Club miles after your flight

It’s easy to earn Qatar Airways Privilege Club miles when taking flights with Qatar Airways and its Oneworld partners like Qantas, British Airways and Cathay Pacific – but occasionally, you’ll need to submit a ‘missing miles’ claim to unlock your points.

The process is simple and only takes a few minutes, so if you’ve taken a flight and your Qmiles never landed, here’s how you can claim them.

(Qantas Frequent Flyer members hoping to claim missing Qantas Points from their Qatar Airways, Qantas or Oneworld flight – rather than Qatar Airways Privilege Club miles – should instead follow these instructions.)

Claiming missing Privilege Club miles from Qatar Airways flights

Get things started by logging into your Privilege Club account and selecting ‘claim missing Qmiles’ from the My Dashboard page in the My Account section…

… or if you want to double-check whether your miles have now been credited before submitting your claim, head to the My Activities page and browse to Latest Activities, where there's also a link to begin the claim process:

Next up, you’ll reach a screen asking for your ‘passenger ticket number’:

This isn’t your frequent flyer number or your flight number: it’s the long, unique number assigned to your booking, which usually begins with ‘157’ if you booked direct with Qatar Airways.

You may find it printed on your boarding pass, but can also locate it at the top right corner of your booking confirmation or e-ticket receipt, which the airline typically sends by email you when book your flight:

Enter that number in the ‘passenger ticket number’ box in its full format (including the hyphen), such as 157-6671780665 from our example itinerary, and select your name and frequent flyer number from the drop-down box next to it, before ‘clicking retrieve flight details’.

Then, you’ll see a list of flights on that booking, and you can click on the flight(s) you’d like to lodge a claim for.

Privilege Club members can claim missing miles from flights taken up to 180 days before the date of the claim, while newly-joined members can claim miles for flights taken in the 30 days immediately prior to their joining date, although not further back.

Claiming missing Privilege Club miles from Qantas and Oneworld flights

If your journey wasn’t with Qatar Airways and was instead with one of the airline’s partners such as Qantas, British Airways or Cathay Pacific, you’ll need to lodge your mileage claim by email.

Using the email address associated with your Privilege Club account, fire off an email to [email protected] which includes a copy of your booking confirmation plus a photograph, scan or screenshot of your boarding pass(es) from the flight(s) you wish to claim points for.

You’ll also want to mention your Qatar Airways Privilege Club number and any other important information relating to your claim – such as the flight numbers you are claiming missing miles for if your booking is complex.

Claims submitted by email can take up to one month to process and follow the same rules as per Qatar Airways flights: which means you can claim miles for flights taken in the last 180 days, or for up to 30 days prior to joining for new Privilege Club members.

Remember, you can also top-up your Privilege Club mileage balance by converting points across from an Australian Citi Prestige credit card or a Diners Club charge card enrolled in the Diners Club Rewards program.

Chris C.

Chris is a a former contributor to Executive Traveller.

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