How to get free wi-fi Internet at Singapore's Changi airport

By John Walton, September 22 2011
How to get free wi-fi Internet at Singapore's Changi airport

Arriving, departing or connecting through Singapore's Changi airport? There's free wireless Internet on offer throughout Terminals 1, 2 and 3 through the Wireless@SG service.

The trick is that you'll need to register because of Singapore's Internet laws. But it's hardly onerous, especially if you have a longer connection.

Just head to one of the airport information counters, hand over your passport and you'll be given a 48-hour pass with login details. If you're passing back through the airport within that 48-hour limit, your details will still be valid; if not, you'll need to re-register.

(StarHub's mobile subscribers -- and anyone else with a Wireless@SG account, including iCell, Singtel or Qmax/M1Net -- have access with their existing username and password.)

The free network is speed-capped at 512Kbps -- relatively slow, but workable and by no means as glacial as the speeds we found at the Qantas/British Airways lounge earlier this year.

Visit StarHub's Wireless@SG at Changi Airport page for more information, and for technical support contact details.

And don't miss our guide to where you'll find free wifi in Australian airports to get online when you're on the road closer to home.

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No need to visit anyone.

Simply select SingTel with your roaming SIM and you’ll get a free access code for Wireless@SG SMSed to you. Rinse and repeat in 24 hours (or use another foreign SIM for another access code – who doesn’t have multiple SIMs these days?)

You can also try manually selecting each of the other local networks to see if they have any special deals for visitors.



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Awesome! I'll be able to try this out later this year when I have several hours of waiting at the airport and nothing else better to do (apart from sleeping, not that they provide affordable sleeping pods or anything...) :).


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