Huawei's Windows 10 MateBook is perfect kit for your next pitch

By David Flynn, February 22 2016
Huawei's Windows 10 MateBook is perfect kit for your next pitch

You might want to put off buying that Microsoft Surface Pro a little longer, now that Huawei's new MateBook has broken cover

Like the Surface, this 12 inch Windows 10 device morphs between a tablet and an almost-laptop thanks to a clip-on keyboard cover.

But it's oh so slim, at just 6.9mm (the same Twiggy-esque profile as an iPhone 6) and tips the scales at just 640g.

And, in the words of Dr Evil, it's got a frickin' laser – or at least the MatePen stylus does.

The MatePen also doubles as a slide-clicker for presentations, so this is definitely pitch-friendly kit.

Also primed for mobile professionals is the MateBook's fast-charge battery. Rated at around nine hours of wireless work, it can be juiced up from empty to full in 2.5 hours or charged to the 60% mark in just one hour.

The rounded silver edges and glossy white face makes this a stylish if rather Apple-inspired slab.

Sandwiched between your choice of silver or gold shells is an Intel 6th-generation Intel Core M processor, which can be spec'd from the entry-level Core m3 to the mid-range m5 or muscle-bound m7 chips, backed by 128GB to 512GB of solid state storage.

Like most new gear we're seeing in 2016 the MateBook uses a USB Type-C port – smart tech that's crying out for a catchier name – with an optional hub to add Ethernet, USB 3, HDMI and even ye olde VGA connectivity.

It's a giant step from making smartphones (and most recently smartwatches) to convertible tablets so Huawei's gone to town with the gubbins: there's a fingerprint sensor, a backlit keyboard and a pair of Dolby speakers.

Rather ironically, not only did Microsoft work closely with the Chinese technology giant on the development of the MatePad, but a Redmond VP praised is as "the embodiment of what a perfect Windows 10 device should be." So the Surface team won't be buying him drinks any time soon.

Aussie pricing and availability haven't yet been released, but so you can start thinking ahead, here's how the MateBook family shakes out:

As a rough estimate, we're thinking A$1100 for the starter model with a Core m3 processor with 12GB of storage and just shy of $2,000 for what we'd peg as the most popular model with a Core m5 chip and 512GB of storage.

The keyboard lists at US$129, the MatePen stylus at US$59 and the MateDock hub at US$89.

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