Inside Lufthansa's VIP Airbus A350 private jet (with its own spa)

By David Flynn, December 8 2016
Inside Lufthansa's VIP Airbus A350 private jet (with its own spa)

Here's a Christmas gift for person with everything: a private jet. And not just any private jet, but a bespoke VIP version of the advanced Airbus A350, created by the customisation gurus at Lufthansa Technik.

We've previously shared Lufthansa Technik's sleek sky-high styling on a joint project with Mercedes-Benz...

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... but this A350 private jet concept has a strong residential vibe, eschewing conventional fixed cabin walls for flexible areas which can be opened up and combined for social interaction or closed for full privacy.

The very front of the A350 is designated as a 'Family Flex Area' starting with a bedroom, bathroom, lounge and office.

"That’s the best place in the airplane – the most quiet, the least affected by movement, the place you want to be if you own this aircraft,” explains Michael Reichenecker, Lufthansa Technik interior architect and co-designer of the A350 cabin concept.

The front section can be closed off with "huge sliding doors," transforming the space into a private master suite for the well-heeled family.

A high-tech office is tucked away between the family and guest zones.

The guest lounge features a large flat-screen video panel for the ultimate inflight movie experience, with Lufthansa Technik's patent-pending 'Living Lining' concept turning the ceilings and walls of the cabin into mood lighting elements.

"The idea is that you really can open it up to a wide, brightly lit space, or close it off and be in a totally shielded area,"  Reichenecker says.

Adjoining that is a dining room flanked by a live cooking station fitted with an inductive stove for restaurant-grade freshly-cooked meals.

But wait.. there's more!

Reichenecker's finishing flourish is a 'wellness zone' equipped with a relaxing steam bath, massage table, workout and yoga area and steam shower suite.

“We want the VIP to leave more relaxed than when they entered," Reichenecker reasons.

Lufthansa hasn't revealed how much all this indulgence will cost you, but says that customers can typically expect up to two years before they pick up the keys.

"It will not be the fastest [completion], but it will be the best looking," Reichenecker promises.

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