Joyce reveals more about Qantas Frequent Flyer Platinum One

By danwarne, August 16 2011

UPDATE | Qantas has now launched its Platinum One frequent flyer level, and we've got all the details...

PREVIOUS | Qantas CEO Alan Joyce revealed a few more tantalising details about the new Platinum One level of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program in his major strategic relaunch of the airline this morning.

He reconfirmed that the new super-elite tier would be introduced by the end of the year, with a concierge hotline for members to call for any and all of their travel needs, with no wait times and very personalised service.

But the most interesting point he threw in was that Platinum One members would get "money-can't-buy" opportunities such as the chance to fly in a real Qantas flight simulator like the one below.

He finished his comments with a light touch: "I keep telling people I want this to be like the treatment Ryan Bingham got in that movie "Up in the Air".

"It will come on a solid metal card that will be delivered to each passenger by the airline's Chief Pilot...", he said, before continuing, "Of course, I'm joking about that," he said. "I think our Chief Pilot is busy enough as it is, without having to hand out frequent flyer cards!"

(We're thinking that somewhere in the bowels of the Qantas Jet Base at Mascot, one senior pilot was probably feeling a great sense of relief.)

Read our coverage of Qantas Platinum One, including exclusive comments by the airline's Head of Loyalty, Stephanie Tully: Platinum One -- more upgrades and a dash of Chairman's Lounge.



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