Malaysia Airlines Platinum Plus: the world's most secret VIP tier?

By Chris C., June 14 2018
Malaysia Airlines Platinum Plus: the world's most secret VIP tier?

Many people have heard of invitation-only frequent flyer levels like the Qantas Chairman’s Lounge and Virgin Australia’s The Club, but there’s one frequent flyer tier so top-secret, that the people who have this membership don’t even know it, or that the VIP program itself even exists.

We’re talking about the above-Platinum tier in Malaysia Airlines’ Enrich frequent flyer program, which the airline nicknames Platinum Plus.

There’s no special VIP card, which perhaps explains why members aren’t aware of their status – these travellers receive only a standard-looking Enrich Platinum (Oneworld Emerald) card, with no distinctive signs or markings hinting their better-than-Platinum level.

Instead, they’re flagged as a Platinum Plus member by Malaysia Airlines’ computer systems, which alerts check-in staff, lounge agents and cabin crew that there’s a VIP in the house.

So, what does that actually get you?

Well, not very much, it seems!

Australian Business Traveller understands that Platinum Plus members may be offered access to Malaysia Airlines’ First Class Suite if it happens to be available when they’re flying through Kuala Lumpur International Airport…

… being a private space within the ‘normal’ first class lounge, featuring your own lounge room, tarmac views, fresh flowers and a television…

… which could be used as a more formal meeting space or just to relax and unwind…

… but again, only if it happens to be free: it’s not guaranteed. If you do blag the suite, it offers a private bathroom and shower, too: so you don’t have to leave ‘VIP land’ until it’s time to board:

Otherwise, you might receive a special welcome onboard from the cabin crew, and perhaps be asked for your first meal choice before other passengers to ensure you don’t miss out, but beyond that, that’s about it!

Of course, whether you’re a Platinum Plus member is a secret in itself, but if you are an Enrich Platinum cardholder and find yourself getting lots of special attention when flying Malaysia Airlines, you’ve most likely made it to the VIP club – but even if you have, you’ll never really know for sure!

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Chris C.

Chris is a a former contributor to Executive Traveller.


30 Jul 2015

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It's for the usual Malaysian cronies. Malaysia is such a beautiful country, beautiful people and amaaazing food. But the gov't and associates are corrupt. An understatement!

You can’t beat the IO (invitation only) membership by Emirates!

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

29 Jul 2013

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@Boeingimgoing I absolutely second that! My husband is an EK IO member and even as his plus one the benefits are awesome!


11 Jul 2014

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I've heard of technology being trialled in Australia by an airline so when a very important person approaches staff, a proximity alert with there details come up.

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