• Why are all the airlines so full of gloom for travel?? I personally think it will boom again. Remember 911, GFC, SARS and previous pandemics, they surely did not stop a post boom in air travel.I hope we learn a lot from the failures of this pandemic that we should have.

  • Does anybody know when Global Entry will be available to Australians? Or if the Australian government is currently pursuing it with the US government. Thanks.

  • You can’t beat the IO (invitation only) membership by Emirates!

  • Prefer to go via DXB. Timing on both sectors is good. Lounge in Singapore is going to be a challenge considering there are around 5-6 Qantas departures and other one world airlines leaving around the same time. Dubai as a destination has changed and I recently stopped there for 2 days and found t...

  • Mar 12, 2018, 11:01 AM

    Bring it on! Problem is payload restrictions. Who knows how many diversions the 789 PER-LHR will make during the winter months. That’s why QF want the range and payload.

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