Cathay Pacific ramps up Sydney, Melbourne flights from November

The Oneworld member’s Sydney and Melbourne reboot adds extra Airbus A350 flights to the schedule.

By David Flynn, October 22 2021
Cathay Pacific ramps up Sydney, Melbourne flights from November

Cathay Pacific has joined the growing list of airlines returning to Sydney and Melbourne from November 1, when New South Wales and Victoria will both removes all quarantine requirements for the fully-vaccinated and Australia scraps its international travel ban.

The Qantas partner and Oneworld member will make all seats on its Hong Kong-Sydney and Hong Hong Kong-Melbourne flights available for travellers beginning their journey in Hong Kong or connecting from other parts of the world, subject to transit requirements, and provided they are "fully-vaccinated Australian citizens, permanent residents and their immediate family."

Cathay Pacific has confirmed the following restart schedule to Executive Traveller, effective Monday November 1, 2021:

Hong Kong-Sydney

  • CX101 departs every day at 11.55pm to reach Sydney at noon the following day
  • CX139 departs Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 8.45am, arriving into Sydney at 8.50pm

Sydney-Hong Kong

  • CX100 departs 3.45pm each day, reaching Hong Kong at 9.55pm
  • CX138 departs Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 10.20pm, arriving into Hong Kong at 5am the next day

Hong Kong-Melbourne

  • CX105 departs every day at 12.25am to reach Melbourne at 12.25pm the following day
  • CX163 departs Tuesday and Thursday at 11am, arriving into Melbourne at 11pm

Melbourne-Hong Kong

  • CX104 departs 3.40pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, reaching Hong Kong at 9.45pm
  • CX178 departs Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 1am, arriving into Hong Kong at 6.55am the next day

All flights are on Cathay's Airbus A350 jets, which feature the airline's latest business class berths (below), premium economy recliners and standard economy seats.

Double-jabbed travellers from Australia also book onto the Sydney-Hong Kong flight, although given Hong Kong's strict entry requirements – which include 14 days of quarantine – that's more likely to be the first leg of a longer journey to other destinations on the CX network.

Passengers can transit through Hong Kong under the following conditions:

  • their itinerary is contained in a single booking;
  • they meet the entry requirements of their final destination;
  • they have their baggage checked through to the final destination;
  • they have been issued their onward boarding pass(es) from their origin; and
  • the connection time between flights is within 24 hours.

Cathay Pacific has also temporarily designated The Wing Business Class lounge – at the top of the airport's main terminal, across from gates 1-4 – as a dedicated transit lounge, with The Wing First Class being set aside for passengers starting their journey from Hong Kong.

Both lounges open at 5.30am, in time for the first Cathay Pacific flights of the day.

Cathay's upscale The Pier lounges remain closed, and as previously reported, the The Bridge lounge – nestled between gates 35-36 of the airport's West Concourse, just before the terminal split into north and south piers – will remain permanently closed, along with the Qantas Hong Kong Lounge.

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Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

31 Aug 2012

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A step in the right direction!  Will Cathay offer some reward seats on these flights?

Will flights to ADL resume? (Previously there was daily flights, with 2 on some days.)

Regarding transits through HKG, in addition to the conditions outlined here, one had to have the onward  ticket on the same PNR as the incoming flight? Has this been dropped by CX?

20 Oct 2015

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I'm sure Adelaide will come back in time, but with HKG being closed to 'outsiders' for a long time to come, it might be daily or even just a few times a week, and mainly for cargo. CX used to carry a LOT of wine out of SA, but maybe that's also dropped off due to China bans.

09 Sep 2021

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I long for the simple days. Remember when you booked a flight, boarded a plane and arrived at your destination. Very little fuss, very simple and easy rules to follow. Now I feel I need to do a Special University Course just to comprehend all the rules, conditions, restrictions and laws. Great news that Cathay Pacific is coming back to Sydney, but ease up on the many conditions!

We all long for those days, but this is simply the new reality so we may as well get used to it and get on with it. I'm sure all these restrictions will slowly ease over the next year or two.

15 Aug 2018

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Same PNR still needed for transit in  HKG. See here:

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

16 Mar 2016

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Great news I am boked on CX from Brisbane to Paris in April and hope by then the flight I am booked on will actually operate. Hopefully in 6 months other lounges will be available as well but The Wing isn't really a hardship on the layover.

08 May 2020

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HKG to BNE, all flights zero’d out until mid-Jan.  I sniff some changes for the BNE flights in the works too

08 May 2020

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HKG -> BNE.  All flights zeroed out until mid Jan.  I feel some Brisbane changes in the pipeline

Cathay Pacific - The Marco Polo Club

01 Oct 2021

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CX still charging full price and more for biz class but not offering lounge access. Had several discussions with them that in Taipei other lounges are open as are all the food places so why can they not arrange use of another lounge or give vouchers. Usual BS from CX its all in the interest of safety .  They have been cutting corners on everything they can for years now since those idots lost millions of fuel hedging and yet they still charge passengers for it. The morons that caused all that trouble are still on fat salries and bonuses all waiting to become part of Air China.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

28 Jul 2011

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As a consumer, you have a choice as to which organisations you give you money and business to. In turn, organisations are free to decide how they run their business. 

The closure of lounges is not limited to CX. You should feel free to use other carriers, and if you're not prepared to do that, then you need to suck it up. 

Cathay Pacific - The Marco Polo Club

20 Jun 2013

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CX now showing flights on Fri & Sat to HKG ex Perth.

20 Oct 2015

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Good to know we can still transit through HKG, I often chose Cathay for that reason, along with the number of flights to/from Sydney and to many destinations, eg London was 4-5 flights per day. But reports this week indicate HK as a city will be closed to 'outsiders' until at least the second half of next year because #1 priority is mainland China by middle of 2022, so under the 'COVID ZERO' plan I don't see HK welcoming even fully vaccinated visitors without quarantine until this time next year!

08 May 2020

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It looks like Cathay have scaled back their BNE -> HKG plans for December.  Now only 2 services per week (matching their November schedule).

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

02 Feb 2018

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PSA: Anyone booked on CX104 (MEL-HKG) on a Wed or Fri is advised to check the status of their booking. I was booked for Wed Dec 8th, which has been cancelled, rebooked on CX178 (the 1am departure). All well and good, but I received no notification whatsoever from Cathay. What's more, I was due to fly SYD-MEL on QF (for status purposes) same day, connecting with CX104. This was all booked on the Cathay site and on the same ticket. They did not change the SYD-MEL sector. (I discovered the cancellation by accident whilst in the QFF app for something unrelated). 50 minutes on the phone with Cathay arguing about re-booking as they deem any flight other than the one THEY reschedule you on to be a "discretionary" change. All this despite the fact I am on a fully flexible J fare. Good thing I noticed the cancellation - moving my departure forward 10 hours meant I would have been sound asleep when my flight departed and ended up in Melbourne later that afternoon with no flight to catch.

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