Hong Kong

Singapore-Hong Kong travel bubble suspended again

Quarantine-free travel between the two Asian capitals is again put on the back-burner against a C...

Singapore-Hong Kong travel bubble looks about to burst

A snap one-month lockdown is seen as Singapore's last hope for keeping the HK travel bubble alive.

Singapore rethinks Hong Kong travel bubble as virus returns

The sudden COVID -19 flareup in Singapore has highlighted the fragility of travel bubbles.

Hong Kong flags travel bubble with Australia

The Hong Kong-Singapore travel bubble will serve as a model for a similar arrangement with Austra...

Singapore-Hong Kong travel bubble set to start May 26

It's the second attempt to start quarantine-free travel between Asia's twin business and financia...

‘No jab, no fly’ for Hong Kong – Singapore travel bubble

Hong Kong wants only vaccinated travellers for the long-awaited Singapore bubble.

Qantas pushes back flights to Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan

When it comes to restarting flights to Asia, vaccines may trump travel bubbles.

Hong Kong temporarily bans British Airways, Emirates, KLM

More airlines join Hong Kong's 14-day blacklist as the city rushes to contain its latest COVID-19...

Cathay Pacific brings back Brisbane-Hong Kong flights

Cathay Pacific will return to Queensland’s skies from early 2021, after a 10-month pause on its f...

Singapore, Hong Kong open 'world first' travel bubble

November 22 sees the start of quarantine-free flights between Asia's two financial hubs.

Cathay Dragon closes: what it means for Marco Polo, Qantas

With some Dragon routes moving to Cathay Pacific, and others to low-cost HK Express, some flyers ...

How the new Singapore-Hong Kong travel bubble will work

Travellers between the two financial hubs will be tested for virus, showing how future bubbles co...

Hong Kong puts Australia on 'travel bubble' shortlist

The Hong Kong government says that COVID tests would be needed at both ends of the trip.

Cathay Pacific brings back Perth-Hong Kong flights

Cathay Pacific returns to Western Australia, being the third Australian state served by the airli...

Hong Kong won't reopen for visitors until late September

The shutters are staying down in Hong Kong for another three months.

Hong Kong outlines restrictions for transit passengers

We break down the new rules for passengers changing flights at Hong Kong airport.

Hong Kong, Singapore lift airport bans on transit passengers

Two of Asia's most significant airport hubs will reopen to transit passengers from the beginning ...

Cathay Pacific is now down to just one lounge at Hong Kong

The Wing First Class is set to be be the last lounge standing at Cathay's once-thriving Hong Kong...