Leaked: here is Ikea’s second-gen Sonos speaker lamp

An updated design for the main speaker unit is paired with a choice of fashionable lampshades.

By David Flynn, September 11 2021
Leaked: here is Ikea’s second-gen Sonos speaker lamp

Ikea's second-generation Symfonisk table lamp speaker will get an updated design plus swappable lampshades, according to a Ikea brochure which appears to have been accidentally published on the furniture giant's Portuguese website.

The document details the Ikea-Sonos collaboration Symfonisk family, but shows a new lamp speaker alongside the original bookshelf speaker and the recently-released art frame speaker.

Ikea's 2021 Symfonisk lamp speaker seems to have been remodelled with a hint of Apple's HomePod Mini, ditching the circular control base at the foot of the previous lamp – and seemingly the play and volume controls as well, with now only a small and neatly integrated on-off switch visible.

Also gone from the new model is its predecessor's neatly-fitted opaque glass lampshade.

According to the leaked brochure, buyers will be able to opt for two types of swappable lampshades: a simple wrap-around textile shade and a cylindrical glass shade.

Each is quite different in their look, and both play into Ikea's aim of pushing its Sonos-powered Symfonisk line further into the realm of home decor, while leaving Sonos to make speaker which look like speakers.

Ikea's 2021 Symfonisk table lamp speaker and the textile and glass shades will be available in black and white.

Pricing for the second-gen Symfonisk lamp speaker is shown as €129, which is markedly cheaper than the first-gen model's €179 – although a lampshade isn't included, with the fabric shade at €20 and the glass shade at €30.

However, together they still end up a bit cheaper than before and should help Sonos gain a foothold in even more homes when it comes to introducing first-time buyers to the Sonos ecosystem.


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