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Australia’s 'travel ban' to be reviewed this month

The strict border control measures, currently set to expire in mid-March, are up for reassessment.

Chris C. |

‘Travel bubbles’ may begin with 14-day quarantine continuing

Australia may remove the roadblocks to travelling overseas before hotel quarantine requirements are similarly relaxed.

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Australians will need an online 'visa waiver' for Europe

Europe's new electronic visa waiver program takes effect next year.

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The Executive Traveller 2020 Christmas Gift Guide

Congratulations on making it through 2020: now it's time to spoil your partner, your friends or yourself.

Steve Colquhoun |

Australian approval of Pfizer vaccine expected in January

Local availability of the heralded Covid-19 vaccine remains on track, says Federal Health Minister.

David Flynn |

As borders come down, where can you travel across Australia?

With domestic travel restrictions being wound back, here's where you can fly (or drive) from every state and territory.

Chris C. |

Japan, China race to dominate the future of high-speed rail

Asia's two biggest economies are plotting ultra-fast intercity links using maglev technology.

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Covid vaccination may be mandatory for visitors to Australia

From 2021, overseas travellers might have to produce a vaccination certificate before boarding their flight to Australia.

David Flynn |

Pfizer vaccine 90% effective, 10m doses slated for Australia

The first Covid-19 vaccine could arrive here in early 2021.

Bloomberg News |

Singapore says it "can't wait for a vaccine"

Singapore's re-opening plan ditches quarantine for testing and risk-based ratios

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Gov't considers electronic wristbands for home isolation

The GPS-enabled bracelets would enable home isolation for travellers returning from 'low-risk' countries.

David Flynn |

Australia considers home isolation for overseas arrivals

Lower-risk travellers could return to home isolation, rather than hotel quarantine, under a new 'traffic light' system.

Chris C. |

2020 Father's Day gift guide

This curated collection of gifts is sure to please any high-flying dad, even when they're grounded.

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Border Force grants 3,000 exemptions to overseas travel ban

Despite approving 2,937 requests for overseas travel, over 1,000 applications have been denied in the first six weeks of the ban.

Chris C. |

PM outlines roadmap for return of domestic, overseas travel

Travel within Australia is set to resume in stages, followed by a trans-Tasman 'travel bubble', and Pacific Island flights.

Chris C. |

Trans-Tasman travel to resume "as soon as it is safe": PMs

The Prime Ministers of Australia and New Zealand work to establish a ‘safe travel zone’ between the two countries.

Chris C. |

Expat pays $10,000/month to swim during Singapore's lockdown

At $10,000 per month, that's a lot of backstrokes...

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