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Trans-Tasman travel to resume "as soon as it is safe": PMs

The Prime Ministers of Australia and New Zealand work to establish a ‘safe travel zone’ between the two countries.

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Expat pays $10,000/month to swim during Singapore's lockdown

At $10,000 per month, that's a lot of backstrokes...

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USA tightens border controls as coronavirus tightens grip

Under a Presidential executive order expected to be signed this week, entry into the USA will be restricted for some travellers.

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AU Gov't: do not travel overseas, to any destination

For the first time in history, Smartraveller is upgrading its advice for every destination in the world to "do not travel".

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NZ halts trans-Tasman business trips with new entry rules

“New Zealand will have the widest ranging and toughest border restrictions of any country in the world,” says Kiwi PM.

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USA closes borders to travellers who've visited Europe, UK

Coronavirus: the United States shuts its borders to travellers who’ve visited the UK, Europe in the 14 days prior to US arrival.

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Australian Gov't advises against almost all overseas travel

Smartraveller is updating its advice for every country in the world to "reconsider your need to travel", or "do not travel".

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Eurostar launches direct London-Amsterdam high-speed train

Clearing UK passport control in Amsterdam and no more train changes in Brussels to shave at least 30 minutes off today's journeys.

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Simple gifts for business associates when you’re on the go

Wrap up gifting for 2020 with these simple ideas that are perfect for all occasions

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Tailoring your jet lag strategy to suit each trip

While there are some basic rules for beating jet lag, the length and timing of your flight also comes into play.

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Chile scraps entry fee for Australians, but plans new e-visa

Australian travellers no longer have to pay a US$117 fee at the border to enter Chile, but an e-visa will soon be required.

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Executive Traveller’s Christmas gift guide

We live in your world and these are the gifts we’d like to find under our Christmas tree.

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Business class vs first class on Chinese high-speed rail

On China's bullet trains, business class turns out to be superior to first class.

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Your guide to applying for a Vietnam e-Visa

Skip the queues: an official 30-day Vietnam e-Visa is easy to apply for, and will save you precious time.

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Smartraveller revamps travel advice, adds SMS crisis alerts

Travel advice is getting easier to access in an emergency, but most flyers will lose the ability to pre-register their travels.

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Evoke's luxury Tesla rides upgrade your airport journey

Luxurious rides that are environmentally friendly - plus a special discount on chauffeured rides for Executive Traveller readers

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Eurostar-Thalys merger to create high-speed rail network

The combined network of Eurostar and Thalys would link five countries under the new Green Speed banner.

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NZ's visa-waiver scheme: what you need to know

The electronic NZeTA will be a must-have for most visitors to New Zealand, including travellers in transit.

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