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Sydney Airport capacity set to hit curfew ceiling

Capacity at Sydney Airport is heading fast towards breaking point, as increased activity will reach current curfews of 80 fligh...

Michael Flux |

Singapore 'best for business' says World Bank

For the fifth year in a row Singapore has been rated by the World Bank as the best country for business. The tiny city-state c...

David Flynn |

Australians hit hard: UK flight taxes up 55%

Travellers jetting to England from this week will be hit with a higher departure tax when it's time to head back home. The 'air...

Michael Flux |

Groin no longer off-limits to US airport security

Passengers in America who opt-out of revealing full-body scans will get a new type of pat-down, according to the Transport Secu...

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American Express launches pre-paid TravelCard

American Express is releasing its own pre-paid travel card this week with travellers able to load the card up in US dollars, UK...

David Flynn |

Travellers make a grab for the greenback

Banks and currency exchange bureaus are reporting a run on US currency as the Aussie dollar stays strong in the high 90s. Trav...

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