Lufthansa’s new A320 seat has more legroom, USB power

A tip-to-tail upgrade will also see the European workhorse fleet get larger overhead bins.

By David Flynn, September 27 2023
Lufthansa’s new A320 seat has more legroom, USB power

Ask passengers on Lufthansa’s workhorse Airbus A320 jets for a wish-list of ways to improve the flying experience and it’s sure to include more legroom, larger overhead bins and USB power at every seat.

Those are the three ‘pain points’ the German carrier is aiming to address with a cabin refresh to 38 of the A320s already flying today.

New seats from Italian manufacturer Geven will be installed, with ‘ergonomic shaping of the backrests’ adding a little more legroom – most crucially at the knees – without reducing seat pitch.

A Lufthansa spokesperson confirmed to Executive Traveller the specific Geven seat chosen for the A320 refit is the SuperEco model, which Geven describes as “the pret-a-porter of our seating line.”

“The SuperEco is conceived to cater to the most basic and essential needs of the high-density cabin,” Geven says, “offering maximum comfort and living space within the most confined spaces.”

As with other Geven economy seats, the SuperEco has what the company describes as a ‘precline’ – the seatback is already set to a fixed 20° recline, without the ability for passengers to tilt the seat even further back.

Each of the new Lufthansa A320 seats will also sport an integrated holder for tablets and smartphones, so there’s no more propping up your device on the tray table to watch a video – and every setback will also feature a USB power socket to keep batteries topped up en route.

Finally, the luggage bins above each seat will be replaced by over-sized compartments which the airline promises will hold “up to twice as many carry-on suitcases or bags” stowed vertically in the 40% larger bins.

The seat will serve for both ‘EuroBusiness’ and economy class cabins, with business class passengers continuing to have one free seat next to them rather than seeing a different seat for business class.

Lufthansa says the A320 upgrade program will being in northern spring 2025, but hasn’t indicated how long it will take for all 38 jets to receive their make-over.

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