Malaysia Airlines hopes to restart Brisbane flights

The Oneworld member says a return to Brisbane is on the cards…

By David Flynn, November 21 2023
Malaysia Airlines hopes to restart Brisbane flights

Malaysia Airlines could once again connect Brisbane with Kuala Lumpur and the rest of the Oneworld member’s steadily-growing network, after the Queensland capital was axed in March 2023 as the airline worked to trim costs and right-size itself.

But with travel booming and additional aircraft coming into the hangars, a restoration may soon be in the works.

Speaking with Executive Traveller on the sidelines of the launch of the airline’s first Boeing 737 MAX jet this week, Malaysia Airlines Chief Commercial Officer Dersenish Aresandiran said Brisbane was “under review now.”

“Australia is one of our core markets (and) ideally we want to increase all our frequencies into Australia to where we were in pre-Covid.”

Sydney and Melbourne have already seen boosts for the summer 2023-2024 period, including an Airbus A350 to lift capacity over the more familiar A330.

Australia will eventually move to Malaysia Airlines’ newer A330neo jets, 20 of which will arrive across 2024-2026 to replace the A330s, which the airline says are ageing and will require higher maintenance costs.

The A330neo fleet will also introduce a new international business class seat: the Elevation model from manufacturer Collins Aerospace, also seen in British Airways’ latest Club Suite business class and for Etihad Airways’ A350 Business Studio suite.

“The 330neo will be fantastic and will probably have one of the best business class that you've seen, and that will also be retrofitted to the A350,” Aresandiran noted, adding that Malaysia Airlines is now looking at leasing more A330neo and A350 jets to underpin its expansion plans, “because demand is booming right now.”

The author travelled to Kuala Lumpur as a guest of Malaysia Airlines.

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Why was Brisbane cancelled again.

lack of demand due to COVID restrictions and also, not enough staff. Not to mention that unlike the case with Sydney or Melbourne, Brisbane isn't a well known tourist destination, so the only people you really got on those flights were locals going on overseas holidays, but you didn't get many tourists visiting Brisbane on those flights. Also poor connections at Brisbane Airport.

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Hope that they do it.. but it makes me a bit sad.. A wine maker who is a major supplier to them has been selling at a discount as Malaysia has cancelled  orders as their Aust flights had decreased.

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