Marriott Bonvoy is ending status extensions

There’s good news for the hotel group’s most VIP guests, but not for anybody else…

By David Flynn, December 1 2022
Marriott Bonvoy is ending status extensions

Marriott is joining the growing list of airline and hotel loyalty programs calling ‘time’ on those Covid status extensions which have rolled forward from one year to the next.

Although the status of Marriott Bonvoy Elite members has already been extended to February 2023, the following month sees things turn to normal, in line with global travel trends.

That it, unless you hold Bonvoy’s top Ambassador Elite status, which requires not only 100 nights per year but a “qualifying spend” of US$20,000 (which increases to US$23,000 as of January 1).

According to an update published on the Marriott Bonvoy website, “we are pleased to offer Titanium Elite status to our current Ambassador Elite members who do not achieve the 2022 published criteria to maintain Ambassador Elite status.”

But such a ‘soft landing’ is a perk purely for Ambassador Elites members.

“As part of Marriott Bonvoy’s annual business processing, all other Elite Members with a status expiration date of February 2023 that did not achieve a higher Elite Status or renew their existing Elite Status during 2022 will be downgraded in early March 2023.”

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