Amsterdam Schipol airport's new garden park inside the terminal

By John Walton, July 4 2011
Amsterdam Schipol airport's new garden park inside the terminal

Amsterdam's Schipol airport is gunning to be the European hub of choice for the discerning traveller, this time with a park -- yes, an actual park with grass and trees and other green things -- inside the airport terminal. Australian Business Traveller takes a look inside and out.

The somewhat unimaginatively named Airport Park has a landscaped roof terrace to lounge around in.

The outdoor area -- with tables, chairs, armchair plantpots, benches, picnic tables, planters and hedges -- looks perfect for a bit of fresh (although perhaps slightly jetfuel-tinged) air.

There are indoor and outdoor trees including a 130-year-old transplant.

An organic café feels more like the kind you'd find in a national museum...

...and it includes a "Burger Pimp Station". Click that picture to zoom in if you don't believe us.

There's a wide choice of comfortable seating inside the park, from loungers to sofas to picnic tables.

And, apparently, logs where you can lounge on the floor with your laptop balanced precariously on your ridiculously-shoed leg. Top business traveller tip: everything about this is deeply unwise.

Our friend with the inadvisable footwear seems to have given up on her laptop in favour of a book, while enjoying the projected butterflies on the wall.

Of course there's a shop. It's an airport.

Schipol, Europe's fifth largest hub, was the runner up in the best European airport awards this year, and initiatives like this show you why.

The airport is also a popular transfer connection point, since it's the home of SkyTeam member and Dutch national airline KLM. 

While KLM doesn't fly to Australia, you can connect to AMS on Cathay Pacific, China Southern, Garuda Indonesia, Korean Air, Singapore Airlines and future oneworld member -- and Qantas partner -- Malaysia Airlines. 

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Hi, I flew into AMS with EK overnighted in the city prior to flying out to Curacao on KLM's 747. I must say, one of the best Business Class seats going. Well padded, very comfy.Flying back to DXB via AMS with a 7 hour layover. I don't believe the EK Lounge in Schipol has a shower. Does anyone know where I can get a shower in Schipol?

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