Priority Pass offers Virgin Blue lounge access for half the price

By danwarne, April 5 2011
Priority Pass offers Virgin Blue lounge access for half the price


Virgin Australia is ending its relationship with the global Priority Pass scheme next month as of July 14: see this story for more details.


The airline-independent airport Priority Pass lounge program markets itself as a way for travellers to get access to lounges without paying business class fares, and without having to achieve a high-spend frequent flyer status with airlines to qualify for lounge access.

It's had relatively soft appeal among Australian flyers but there's one benefit which makes membership worth a second look: Priority Pass cardholders get access to Virgin Blue's domestic lounges at less than half the cost of what Virgin Blue itself charges.

Virgin Blue's own lounge membership costs $369 per year on top of a one-time $199 joining fee.

Priority Pass, however, costs just US$249 per year -– so you're over $300 better off.

(Some credit cards, such as the Citi Select card, offer free Priority Pass membership, though with a $700 annual fee, you'd have to be sure that the other card benefits were worth the money to you.)

Virgin Blue's domestic lounges in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth are all included in Priority Pass membership (as is the United Airlines Red Carpet Club in Melbourne's international terminal).

The Priority Pass has considerable advantages.

Virgin Blue members can only access the airline's lounge if they are travelling with Virgin Blue, whereas Priority Pass members have entry into the lounges regardless of what airline they're flying.

And of course, outside of Australia Priority Pass provides access to over 600 lounges for airlines all over the world, whereas a Virgin Blue lounge membership is only useful in Australia.

One caveat is that the US$249 Standard Plus membership is limited to only 10 lounge entries per year, which will cover you for just five return flights (assuming you leave time for lounging around before both legs of the journey).

If you're a more frequent flyer, the US$399 Prestige membership allows unlimited lounge entry -- and you're still around $170 ahead compared to Virgin Blue's own lounge access program. At both Standard Plus and Prestige levels you can also sign a guest into any Priority Pass lounge for $27 a time.

If you opt to join Priority Pass we suggest you also grab their iPhone/iPad app which helps locate partner lounges in any airport in the world, using GPS to locate the nearest lounge based on the user’s current location.

Travellers can also search for lounge information based on airport location -- even without an internet connection.

You can grab the Priority Pass app from the iTunes Store: iTunes AU link | iTunes US link.

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08 Dec 2010

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Dear AusBT: can you clarify this point: "Virgin Blue members can only access the airline's if they are travelling with Virgin Blue, whereas Priority Pass members have entry into the lounges regardless of what airline they're flying."  I went to the SYD lounge recently with my Priority Pass and was not flying that day, was just meeting a DJ passenger there.  The Virgin employee told me that unless I had a valid DJ flight for that day I'm not allowed into the lounge even with a Priority Pass.  She was kind enough to let me in as I was quite unaware of that policy, but going forward I'm curious: does Priority Pass really give you unfettered access?  Note that I really rate the Priority Pass overall, especially when flying Virgin; however I acquired mine via my Platinum Amex card.

Appreciate clarifying, as I'd love to use The Lounge as a potential meeting site for clients flying through SYD airport.  Thanks.


24 Oct 2010

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Hi KCKnacks, Priority Pass's website says:

  • enjoy access to over 600 VIP lounges in more than 100 countries and 300 cities worldwide
  • guaranteed use regardless of the class of travel or airline you’re flying

If Virgin isn't honouring that, then Priority Pass has a problem... either it needs to get Virgin Blue to comply with the contract it has with PP, or PP needs to change its marketing.

I'll put in an enquiry with Priority Pass's PR people to see what they have to say.

24 Oct 2010

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Kcknacks: we contacted Priority Pass and Virgin Blue to be sure everyone is indeed on the same page, and here's the deal:

  • to enter a lounge with your Priority Pass card you must hold a ticket or boarding pass for a flight that day. If you're not flying then you can't get into the lounge.
  • however, you can be flying with any airline - you do not have to be flying with Virgin Blue to use their lounge with Priority Pass. A Virgin Blue spokeswoman confirmed that "under the Priority Pass conditions, (you) need a same day boarding pass for any airline".

Hope that helps clear thing up! :)

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