• I'm here at the LATAM SCL lounge now, and although it's aesthetically pleasing and the premium access set up is great, the rest of the lounge is a huge disappointment. The food especially is meagre and unappetising and there's very little selection, which is frustrating given before an 11pm depar...

  • Indeed - having only six showers for a lounge this size is ridiculous. Past 3 trips through Dubai and even after making a beeline for the showers they've always been booked up with more than a dozen people on the waiting list. In short - don't count on it when factoring in your travel planning!

  • Wish I had seen this prior to my flight last month on QF74! The AirFrance lounge is beyond woeful, however I was still amazed to see every seat in it was full. It was hot, noisy and the food was inedible, and to be frank at that time the terminal outside is relatively empty and was actually much ...

  • Emirates already flies to Dallas...so you could spend 12 hours on EK to Dubai, then 16 hours to DFW. Not sure 28 hours on any plane would be considered "sublime" no matter what food is being served...! 

  • Hi David - did Airbus say when and where they are planning to launch this?

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  • Does anyone use Priority Pass?

    Dec 13, 2010, 02:31 PM

    Hi Paul, like 44john I agree that the coverage is key so if you check out the PP website and don't like the coverage its not worth it.  However, as I am an independent consultant I think the getting PP via the Amex Platinum Card is good value as Amex can manage all my travel and with th...

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