Qantas clarifies Platinum access to Heathrow's AA arrivals lounge

By John Walton, March 23 2012
Qantas clarifies Platinum access to Heathrow's AA arrivals lounge

Qantas has confirmed that Platinum frequent flyers will continue to enjoy full access to the American Airlines AArivals Lounge at London's Heathrow Airport, following a confusing series of changes to its website regarding reciprocal lounge acccess rights.

The airline sparked concern among UK-bound travellers when a recent revision removed references to Platinum Frequent Flyers and the AArivals Lounge at T3, which offers inbound Qantas passengers a place to refresh and recharge before heading into the city.

At one point the specific page on Qantas' website said that even first and business class passengers had been cut of from the lounge unless they were flying onwards on a oneworld airline -- which is patently ridiculous for an after-customs arrivals lounge. This has now been quietly fixed.

"Yes, this was an oversight" a Qantas spokesperson confirmed to Australian Business Traveller. "This week we have been updating and this information was missed and it has since been updated." 

Keep an eagle eye on the LHR AArrivals lounge page and American Airlines' website if you're travelling soon, though. American confirms that it will allow Qantas Platinums and other oneworld Emerald tier members into its Terminal 3 lounge. 

Heathrow lounge access for Qantas Club members is also changing -- we're working with Qantas on the specifics which affect Qantas Club members and will bring you a full update next week.

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It looks as if this has been removed again from the website and perhaps from policy (as of September 2012) - it appears that a Qantas Platinum arriving Economy on a QF ticket will not get access to the AA lounge.

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