The complete guide to travelling with Rex Airlines

From lounge access to baggage limits and status perks, here’s all you need to know about flying Rex.

By Staff Writers, May 1 2024
The complete guide to travelling with Rex Airlines

Australia’s domestic aviation pie is carved into many slices, big and small. Qantas, Virgin Australia and Jetstar hold the lion’s share, though Rex Airlines is mounting a concerted challenge with its growing intercity and regional connectivity.

Not only that, it’s also got its sights on the frequent traveller scene thanks to its newly-minted Rex Flyer program, which offers revenue-based points earning plus a host of benefits, from lounge access to upgrades and the option to fly ahead.

Saab 340 aircraft are the backbone of Rex's fleet.
Saab 340 aircraft are the backbone of Rex's fleet.

But what else does the carrier formerly known as Regional Express have to offer? A great deal, in fact.

Which aircraft does Rex Airlines fly?

Rex Airlines’ fleet is predominantly made up of Saab 340 turboprop aircraft, which can be spotted hopping between regional centres, alongside a small but steadily-growing assortment of Boeing 737s.

Rex Airlines' Boeing 737 and Saab 340.
Rex Airlines' Boeing 737 and Saab 340.

Rex’s Saab 340s seat between 30 to 36 passengers a piece, depending on the specific aircraft you’re flying, in a 1-2 layout. With a single aisle, each row contains a solo seat on one side, and a pair of seats on the other.

Rex’s Boeing 737-800NGs come in a two class configuration with eight business class seats ahead of economy. Rather than having a unified aesthetic, the carrier has several cabin interiors, and you never quite know which you’re going to get.

Business class features eight seats in a 2-2 layout.
Business class features eight seats in a 2-2 layout.

However, colour palettes and seating aside, service is consistent across the board, with travellers in business class enjoying a complimentary meal and drinks. 

Rex Airlines carry-on baggage allowance

All Regional Express passengers receive a complimentary cabin baggage allowance, except for infants who aren’t occupying their own paid seat.

Depending on your fare and aircraft type, here’s how much you can pack:

  • Promo and Saver fares: 7kg
  • Flex and Biz Saver fares (Boeing 737 flights): 10kg
  • Biz & Biz Plus fares (Boeing 737 flights): 15kg total, and max. 10kg per item
  • All regional (Saab) flights: 7kg
Rex Airlines Boeing 737 economy class.
Rex Airlines Boeing 737 economy class.

A passenger’s total weight limit can be utilised in whichever way proves most convenient to the passenger, from the list below:

  • One ‘personal item’ and one ‘small bag’. A small bag on Rex is one with dimensions of up to 105cm, not exceeding 23cm x 34cm x 48cm in size
  • Two small bags
  • One briefcase and one non-rigid garment bag. Garment bags can be up to 185cm, being no larger than 11cm thick, 60cm wide, and 114cm in length
  • One small bag and one non-rigid garment bag

Rex Airlines checked baggage allowance

In addition to a cabin baggage allowance, Rex passengers receive a checked baggage allowance based on both their fare type and any onward itinerary. Here’s how it works:

  • All regional passengers, except Flex fares: 15kg
  • Regional Flex: 23kg
  • All Boeing 737 economy passengers: 23kg
  • All Boeing 737 business class passengers: 32kg

Where connecting Rex flights are involved, across different fare categories or route types, the passenger is entitled to the higher of the two checked baggage allowances, provided both flights are on the same reservation.

For example, a Melbourne-based traveller flying up to Sydney in economy class on a Boeing 737 service, and connecting to a regional destination from Sydney – even on a regular economy fare – would still get 23kg of checked baggage.

Rex Airlines lounge locations and access

Rex Airlines has a trio of lounges for business class and frequent travellers. You’ll find them in Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne. And though not on par with those of Qantas or Virgin Australia, they still tick plenty of boxes.

Rex Airlines' Sydney lounge.
Rex Airlines' Sydney lounge.

The lounges welcome the following guests for up to two hours before a flight:

  • Rex Airlines business class passengers
  • Rex annual lounge members ($329 per year)
  • Priority Pass card holders
  • Diamond status holders in the Rex Flyer program

Casual entry can also be purchased for $33, with travellers on Flex or Rex Flyer Anytime Reward fares entitled to a 50% discount.

What is Rex Flyer?

Launched in October 2023, Rex’s frequent flyer program – Rex Flyer – allows passengers to earn ‘Rex Points’ which can be used to snare free flights and upgrades to business class, in addition to ‘Status Points’ which help members ascend the status tiers.

Every new member starts at the base Opal tier, before progressing up to Sapphire, Emerald and Diamond by raking in status points through repeat flying on Rex Airlines. 

Standout status perks include free business class upgrades and extra legroom economy seating, plus moving to an earlier flight without a fee, along with the usual benefits such as lounge access, priority check-in and boarding, and boosted baggage allowances.

Rex allows ‘family pooling’ of points into a single flyer’s account, while also permitting the points of a deceased family member to be transferred to their next of kin.

Read our in-depth Rex Flyer guide here

Rex Airlines inflight WiFi

Travellers jetting off on Rex’s WiFi-enabled 737s can access streamed movies and TV shows.

In addition, Rex offers Internet access to browse above the clouds. This is free for business class travellers (and is expected to be added as a higher status perk of Rex Flyer) while everyone else can purchase it in two tiers:

  • Regular from $6.50 for 30 minutes or $9.99 for the whole flight, which Rex claims is “suitable for simple web browsing, email, instant messaging and social media)
  • High-speed from $9.75 for 30 minutes or $14.99 for the duration, which is better suited to streaming video from the likes of YouTube.

Rex Airlines-Delta Air Lines partnership

Rex and Delta Air Lines have an arrangement facilitating connecting flights, ticketing and baggage services on each other’s network.

However, it’s believed Rex Flyer plans to extend this with reciprocal ‘earn and burn’ plus status perks between Rex Flyer and Delta SkyMiles Medallion tiers.

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04 May 2018

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I have flown REX on 2 return trips between Hobart and Melbourne this year, all in business class, with a 3rd return trip coming up in a few weeks time. I found them to be a quality airline, but there is some room for improvement.

Firstly, I find the website to be a bit cumbersome. Upcoming flights don't show despite my Rexflyer being included at the time of booking. The web checkin process is quite painful, they even dedicate a section to Covid19 contact tracing, something I thought was no longer required as of a couple of years ago.

Secondly, whilst the inflight service is very good, the hot meal is quite popular, they don't load enough onto the aircraft to cater for every business class passenger who prefers this option. The minor differences across the 737 fleet are just that, minor in nature, and shouldn't detract from the overall Rexperience.

Thirdly, on every flight i've been on, there was no wifi. I did ask a flight attendant about this, and she said not all aircraft were fitted.

Fourthly, the lounge in Melbourne is obviously suited to their regional network, in terms of location, size, and food offerings. Their lounge network will need to be a priority if Rex hopes to expand and survive.

But as I said, they are a quality airline, I hope they grow and succeed. They will be my first preference going forward, with Virgin a clear second.

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