Sacre bleu: more airline strikes to hit France

By Michael Flux, November 1 2010
Sacre bleu: more airline strikes to hit France

If you're jetting into France this weekend we strongly suggest you double-check your flights.

French pilots and flight attendants are set to strike for four days, beginning this Friday November 5th.

The full impact of the strikes on air traffic is still hard to predict, but going from previous industrial action less than two weeks ago, airports and airlines will sacrifice local and European flights before canceling longer-haul journeys.

Two unions representing around a quarter of France's pilots and cabin crew announced the move as a protest against the taxation of discounted staff airfares. The cheaper rates are near-essential for some staff who must travel to the city from homes located far out in the country.

Last month's protests occured over President Sarkozy's proposed pension reform. Despite major costs to airlines, airports and the French government, the amendment to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62 passed through all levels of parliament.

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