Souped-up Tesla Model 3 Performance to compete with BMW M3

By Businessweek , May 25 2018
Souped-up Tesla Model 3 Performance to compete with BMW M3

The Tesla Model 3, once touted as Elon Musk's US$35,000 EV for the masses, is gaining new muscle – and a much higher price tag – in the form of a Performance-badged BMW M3 bruiser.

The new dual-motor, all-wheel-drive performance version of the Model 3 will have a top speed of 155 miles per hour, a 310-mile range and acceleration from standstill to 60mp/h in 3.5 seconds, Musk says.

The latest performance Model 3 will cost "about same as BMW M3, but 15 per cent quicker and with better handling, sufficient to "will beat anything in its class on the track."

A BMW M3 sedan has a starting manufacturer's suggested retail price of about US$66,500, while the Tesla Model 3 Performance is expected to cost US$78,000.

That's more than double the US$35,000 base-model starting price discussed into the run-up before the electric car's deliveries began last year, and it doesn't include the Autopilot driver-assist feature.

The increasingly expensive configurations for the Model 3 are planned steps, if somewhat counterintuitive ones, towards Musk's vision of Tesla as a mass-production player with vehicles affordable to a broader swathe of buyers.

The pricier pumped-up version of the Model 3 will be beyond reach of many consumers, and, by Musk's own estimations, bring it closer to the realm of luxury cars.

However, that's in keeping with Musk's earlier practices with the Model S luxury sedan and Model X sport utility vehicle adding options and higher specifications to help generate cash that can be used to eventually build vehicles for mainstream buyers.

Etihad - Etihad Guest

26 Jul 2017

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Another publicity stunt from the "master" of spin. Tesla looks & sounds great, just never delivered on time and on budget. Should call Tesla, "Promises, Promises"! I think we all realise by now the Tesla goes like a bat out of hell, they never seem to back up their claims with proven range in real world conditions, also what does flogging the Tesla do to it's range? what does towing do to range? etc etc. If I had a spare $150k+ I would consider it an option. LOL

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

04 Apr 2018

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Sure, Telsa has a reality gap between promises and actual deliverables, but sounds like you've never had the pleasure of driving one. Owners love them, and one can certainly get decent range when driving economically. What does flogging any car do to its range? And I think you'll find most Tesla owners have an X5 or Range Rover for towing duties.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

09 May 2013

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I recommend you drive one first. I have owned a Tesla for almost 3.5 years and love it more than any of my previous cars. Just because you have 800km range in your ICE, it does not mean you go for 800kms without stopping or refuelling. Tesla range is more than enough for the majority of the population. I don’t think them not meeting their “promises” has become a problem for the stock market. Think about even their recent announcement on LA tunnels. Think positive about a company that is doing everything it can to make a change.

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