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  • +1 for the roast duck (itek siow) it's always nicely cooked, full of flavour and a generous serving. The lobster is nice to try for novelty value but a small portion (half tail vs. full tail in first class) - save your lobster experience for the ground.

  • $700 to upgrade from PE to Business.

    Oct 06, 2018, 04:50 PM

    I wouldn't. SQ Y and W is a pretty ok place to be for 7 hours. I find the A350 J seats uncomfortable, especially with the angle. Plus, when the bed is out, trying to sit up with you legs out is like sitting on a board. The food is nice (esp. book the cook), but feels cookie cutter compared to J m...

  • VA does release seats, however the catch is that you need to be prepared to book last minute. I expect once they know they won't sell many revenue seats after a certain date, they release reward seats T-5 days. I generally book Y or W and then upgrade in the week prior to travel.

  • I snapped up a couple for VA1 on 29/4 :) Can anyone explain why, with 14-odd free seats still in J that VA would now close off reward availability for this flight?

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