Business Reward Seat on Virgin Australia to LAX

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Has anyone had any luck getting a business class reward seat on a VA flight to LAX? I've done many searches on expert flyer over multiple months and am yet to find a single seat.


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sometimes they open up some a day or so before departure

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ExpertFlyer results aren't accurate for VA's LAX flights - you need to search on the VA website only.


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Yeah I’ve managed to and even got the dates I wanted. Was flexible with departure city BNE, SYD or MEL, I live in regional NSW so it’s easy to do a connecting flight to a capital city sometimes I’m even lucky and get it as a reward flight too.


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VA does release seats, however the catch is that you need to be prepared to book last minute. I expect once they know they won't sell many revenue seats after a certain date, they release reward seats T-5 days. I generally book Y or W and then upgrade in the week prior to travel.



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I just went to and from LAX on Virgin from Melbourne flying Premium Economy for work and tried to use points to upgrade to business - it was a disaster - no luck either way.

I was REALLY annoyed on LAX --> MEL because expert flyer showed 12 Y seats available 72 hours before the flight. Even as I boarded it showed three seats were available, yet I couldn't upgrade.

Was very unhappy - I've been gold and platinum for 3 years running (and have hit the target for 4th year of Gold) and emailed through a formal complaint. I just got a very standard response that even though seats were available they may only be for sale. Which confuses me because you'd think they would take your points instead of leaving the seat vacant?

Curious to know more about Expert Flyer as per above comments - why are they inaccurate for VA LAX flights? I do the LAX trip every year so if they are not reliable I will stop paying them money!

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