• When you see the difference in size of the 747 engines next to the new 777x engines. I wonder if with the use of lighter composite materials the queen of the skies could be reimagined as a twin engine plane.

  • Borghetti's ego and desire to compete against Qantas has a lot to answer for but their biggest downfall has been their continuation in the international market. Just look at the destinations that have been and gone, Jo'burg, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong. Even LA has been an on again off again affair. Now...

  • With the exception of Hong Kong, I don't see how people can claim to be "stuck" in these destinations. Qatar are still running flights from several european cities, AirNZ still covers the Tasman and United are flying from SFO to Sydney.

  • If these cuts are all due to COVID-19, it's odd that some don't take affect until May or July when the Tokyo reduction is currently only in place until May 3. Seems like a great excuse to withdraw services that were already under performing.

  • Agreed. SQ only offering premium and business on its ULR aircraft is my preference but that doesn't meet Joyce's requirements for ~300 passenger

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  • VPNs for use in Australia (iOS)

    Jul 22, 2019, 09:57 AM

    NordVPN is another good option that always makes the list alongside ExpressVPN as reliable VPN services. It also works well with Netflix for accessing overseas content libraries.

  • A good non prescription option available in Australia is velarian forte. Available in the vitamin section. Works well without waking feeling dozy.

  • I bought the keepgo sim and so far have had no issues . Some countries (as detailed in their coverage page) only access the 3G network but in both Hong Kong and Thailand, the 3G speeds seemed much better than I get from local carriers when outside 4G coverage and was more than acceptable for basi...

  • Does anyone have experience with international roaming sims such as KeepGo or GoSim? I've got a dual sim mobile so have been looking at options for a second sim that can be used in multiple countries, mainly USA, Singapore and Hong Kong and the occasional trip home to Europe. I'm looking for data...

  • Qantas Business Class champagnes

    Sep 15, 2018, 12:18 AM

    And then every other Platinum would complain that the sparkling wine offered was not Champagne. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

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