$700 to upgrade from PE to Business.

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Hi guys,

So I'm flying MEL - SIN - KIX in about a week's time with SQ on PE.

I received a phone call from the SQ Melbourne office, saying that they have a promo to upgrade me to Business for $699 but it's only for the MEL - SIN sector. My first time receiving such a call - unsure if anyone received it before?

Any thoughts on it, if it'll be worth it? I'm currently Velocity Gold, so I get to use the SQ Lounge anyway, so it'll be a matter of having extra luggage (which doesn't matter to me), a nice lie-flat seat (it's an A350) with nice meals on porcelain plates (compared to a tray on PE). Flight's from 18:25 to 00:15, so ut's not overnight where I'll have to sleep either (although I might have a nana-nap).

I've not flown on SQ Business before, so just wondering what you guys on AUSBT think. Should I or should I not upgrade and save my $, considering that I'll not earn any extra Velocity points or status credits, but for the A350 business experience, which I've had none.

Thanks a dozen. =)

Poll: Should I spend $700 to upgrade?


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I flew that flight in business last year, good to have a nice meal, a few reds and fall asleep watching a movie. Not sure why you wouldn't earn SCs on the upgradem and take a run at Platnium?


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$700 is a lot to pay for a ‘nice meal’ - id fill up in the lounge anyway. Assume u already spend $$$ for PE. Clever marketing from SQ though.

I’d rather spend it in Singapore. Plus if your gold is there a chance you will be upgraded before or at check in - especially if your flying solo?


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Question is would you trade a business class for $200 /massage, $200/dinner, $200/show and $100/drinks in Singapore? I would.


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Hell yeah.. well actually my head would say that you dont pay $700 for a daytime flight when you already get baggage and lounge access. However, if the price is acceptable then enjoy the experience. SQ service in J is fabulous, and in some ways a daytime flight gives you the chance to properly enjoy the experience and not just sleep through it.


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Why not upgrade to a suite in your hotel when you arrive, money better spent.


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Hmm I'd probably say no. $700 seems a lot for an upgrade from PE to J for 7 hours, IMHO. I flew SQ WLG-CBR and they were offering upgrades from Y to J for less than half that, which is a much bigger jump in service, really (particularly noting you'll already get lounge access and priority baggage and boarding).

If it were a longer flight, or if you were in economy, I'd be more inclined to say yes.

If you do end up taking it, make sure your PE SCs appear in your account - I got an upgrade on an Etihad flight a while back and it wasn't credited at all. I needed to call up and advise that I had actually flown the sector so should, at the very least, receive the points & SCs for economy class. All worked out in the end but a bit of a hassle.


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Ive never received such a call from SQ, you are lucky. If you have never flown J on SQ then id say go for it just to experience it, the food is great as is the wine list and the service top notch. What i enjoy most is opening the bed and having a snooze even if its a day flight. The a350 has the newer business class seat that is not too bad unless you are over 6'1 then you might find your feet cramped in the foot well. I flew J to Moscow back in June and had a great flight, its a beautiful aircraft especially when the champagne keeps flowing haha

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Do it! You only live once and if you don’t fly J regularly I can’t imagine a nicer aircraft to do it on than the A350. I never regret splashing out points or money for an upgrade even if it seems a bit indulgent at the time. Enjoy!


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Paid almost as much/hour for a decent lounge break on a longhaul stopover so go for it and enjoy the famous service. Sleep after a good meal, etc.and be refreshed on arrival. Bon Voyage!

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I was offered this on a SYD-CBR-SIN leg not long ago. It was a nice offer and I mentioned I would like a call back next morning. When I did my math later that day for an extra $50 or so I could have tacked on making my onward SIN-HKG leg into business as well. Politely declined the upgrade on call back.

If it makes any difference to your scenario, I questioned the rep who called me re: status credits, apparently your upgraded ticket will reflect a business saver bucket (IIRC "U"?) so instead of P mileage you get J milage instead.

Interesting coincidence on the return SIN-SYD leg I was op-up'd to J at the gate... YMMV

EDIT: To clarify the above I could have bought business outright one way SYD-CBR-SIN-HKG for $750 more than the PE seat.

In the end, J on SQ is completely different to PE ( which personally is very hit/miss in standards) If you don't think you will ever fly in J again, by all means it is worth doing at least once.

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It depends what your priorities are but I wouldn't think about that for more than a nano-second. PE is fine but J on SQ is a complete different world. There is just no comparison and $700 for a sector of that length is worth every penny. Being a day flight, you actually enjoy the experience whereas at night it becomes just an expensive sleep.


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If it was an overnight flight I would say go for it. Having said that, SQ has a great Biz class, and it is a rare opportunity to upgrade for not a fortune.


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Personally my response would have been "500 and I'll do it". otherwise not.

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