$700 to upgrade from PE to Business.

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Question is would you trade a business class for $200 /massage, $200/dinner, $200/show and $100/drinks in Singapore? I would.

Just 2 beers ? :p

duffa Banned

duffa Banned

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No way. I've flown SQ J many times (and loved every minute of every flight) but I wouldn't pay that amount to upgrade from PE. The wines are OK (same as you can get in Dan Murphy for $20) and the food is restaurant quality say $80-100 for three courses. So ask yourself would you upgrade to 8 hours in the penthouse on arrival for $700?


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I would not. I did return to LHR with SQ in business and was so disappointed with both legs I refuse to fly SQ again


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I personally would not, It's not a great discount or anything just sounds better as you are only paying for one sector out of 4. However, it would be a nice way to experience SQ J on a great airline and airplane.


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Just beware of SQ ''new'' business class seats on the 350 and 777. While initially they look like a luxury lounge chair you will hit the seat in front on the slightest lean back. They have fitted a shelf to one side to rest your legs on while in recline. Therefore you'll be watching TV at a 45 degree angle. Great for lower back issues!!!!

The upside is that the bed is best in class with lots of shoulder room.


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Personally my response would have been "500 and I'll do it". otherwise not.

I really dont think SIA reps negotiate with PE flyers


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I wouldn't. SQ Y and W is a pretty ok place to be for 7 hours. I find the A350 J seats uncomfortable, especially with the angle. Plus, when the bed is out, trying to sit up with you legs out is like sitting on a board. The food is nice (esp. book the cook), but feels cookie cutter compared to J meals on QF and VA.


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699 (if AUD, even better) is a steal, as business can often be over double the price of the lowest PE fare. Both 777/A350 and A380 business class products are industry-leading. Enjoy!!


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Yes. AMEX Travel are excellent. AMEX USA certainly have specially negotiated fares for whole of 2019, with Airlines like Singapore for Cardholders.
Usually 2 for 1 in J, pay W get J.
Also, with AMEX Travel it usually follows thru whole booking. So if you pay, or get oversell upgade, from W to J on outbound, they do same on inbound.


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I basically did this on an upcoming return flight, booked the cheapest PE then upgraded one of the legs for $700.

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