• Subjective indeed !! I love all that Emirates bling and faux-walnut. Bring it on! Yet, I'm so ashamed to admit it. HAHAHA!

  • Hi all,I totally disagree. I think Pierrjean's concepts look like s;"t compared to the actual product. So glad they got someone else in, especially with regard to the chairs. His tan leather seats look like JaJaBinks' tongue...... Hideous Please respond with a counter-argument.

  • All military fly facing backwardsSafer in a survivable crash landing

  • Just flew the old SQ business class 777-200 to Istanbul. The bench seats were mind-blowingly massive when introduced and signalled a whole new ball game but now they just feel like a park bench. The IST-7 coach into the city was way more comfortable in a 1-2 layout!!

  • I had a revelation last month; in Cathay Business. I used to fly the kangaroo route, annually, in economy. And I would worry myself sick about sleep, hydration, jet-lag etc, trying to optimise my condition on arrival. But it took me 6 years in business class to realise that I don't need to measur...

  • Cash vs Travel Money Cards

    May 20, 2019, 11:28 PM

    Originally Posted by ji I spend two months per year in the US. There is only one option in my opinion:Citi Plus Account for ATM withdrawals - no ATM fee and uses the wholesale rate set by Visa/MC. And debit card transactions if that’s how you want to transact. And....Bankwest Zero MasterCar...

  • $700 to upgrade from PE to Business.

    Sep 28, 2018, 04:18 PM

    No way. I've flown SQ J many times (and loved every minute of every flight) but I wouldn't pay that amount to upgrade from PE. The wines are OK (same as you can get in Dan Murphy for $20) and the food is restaurant quality say $80-100 for three courses. So ask yourself would you upgrade to 8 hou...