• not silver.

  • No I dont agree. Employees should get access. I travel often and like seeing them there ( in uniform ) . They create a professional ambiance. Also I also find that they do have empathy with the traveler. I see it many times through my commutes Perth-Sydney-Canberra- Melbourne. It may work in the ...

  • I fly enough to become double platinum in the first 4 months of my year. What do I get ? I tried emailing John Borg a while ago to get VIP lounge access. Not good. My family spends maybe $50K every year in flights ( 2 people only ) and we Max out the discounts in the first few months ..... Whats ...

  • Staff travel: who 'owns' the points?

    Apr 03, 2019, 05:42 PM

    yes me too. We use them to upgrade our overseas holls

  • Staff travel: who 'owns' the points?

    Apr 03, 2019, 05:41 PM

    eventually you getgold/platinum then your arguement doesnt hold. Let the staff keep them, there are other penny pinching ideas in the boardroom anyhow

  • Ridiculous Fees

    Feb 05, 2019, 05:05 PM

    I have always paid the fee , And the fee is $80 return trip. Not much considering flexibility. Other airlines just say tough luck. Also I fly SYD-PER once a week . Double platinum Class after six months too.

  • unlikely . normally QF does this pre christmas , just after you have spent big on the kids xmas presents. Also you would of received an invitation email. Once aagin very unlikey within the next 6 months. Maybe xmas 2019 possibly.

  • Originally Posted by jch Was going to ask when you think the last "safe" day to transfer in 2018 would be to allow for processing time before 1 Jan 2019, approaching 200k Velocity and thinking of pushing a portion across at the lower rate. I did the transfer and it happens almost instantly using...

  • Originally Posted by whoppersandwich No one will judge you, just do whatever’s comfortable ;) no,no,no,no wrong advice totally....... OMG !!!!

  • Originally Posted by Brandon Loo As per this article, the new rate starts on 1 Jan 2019. thanks - will transfer soon....