QF Status Extensions Round 3

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Wonder whether qantas will consider a "third" round of blanket status extensions, particularly for East Coast based-flyers with the current round of lockdowns for NSW & increasingly VIC. Particularly with travellers with status due to expire in March or Apr. It's not like travellers from Sydney can exactly even plan to fly anywhere at this stage interstate with borders closures...

in my situation (status expiring Mar) even though had made plans to fly interstate this month, it doesn't look likely that borders will open again until Sydney records 0 cases for 28 days...which will likely be mid-late Feb/March before that happens again!

Sorry, didn't mean for this to sound like a whinge. Interested to get people's thoughts on this.


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You just need to book a flight (not travel) before the end of the membership year for a status extension.

I dont think QF will move beyond this policy.


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Book a flight departing anytime up to 31 Dec 2021 and your status will be extended to March 2022. Its almost impossible that borders will remain closed for the next 12 consecutive months.


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Hi @JA, I have the same QF anniversary month (March) and managed to fly twice before the recent round of border closures and despite having satisfied the criteria to have the status extended though March 2022, there is no news yet on that or any indication in the Qantas App or website when I log in, so perhaps all cards remain on the table.


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Your status end date: 31 March 2021 / You need to make at least one Qantas booking between: 23 November 2020 and 31 March 2021 / Your status extension will be activated by Qantas: Late March 2021

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In Qantas defence I think they have been one of the most generous loyalty programs in offering status extensions. Basically giving each member 2 years status for free. I’m sure if borders remain closed they will extend further.


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I don't think the issue is so much their generosity it's the usefulness of status at present. If one can't fly who cares what status you have, same goes with hotel status!

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