• I didn’t get offered extra value, either extra points (can’t remember the amount but 5000 rings a vague bell) or DSCs so went with the DSCs

  • I am platinum &got a call out of the blue recently offering me additional points or double status credits on a recently cancelled domestic itinerary, redeemable any time up to 2022, so it’s definitely not urban legend. Chanced my hand and took the DSCs in the (perhaps vain) hope that I ...

  • I'm worried I walked into a trap cancelling “without penalty” a business saver fare to CHC for April. The page gave me the option of “credit” or “refund” but my fare conditions stated “no refund.” As such I chose credit, was granted it, & the voucher states I must now TRAVEL (not just redeem ...

  • - Better bubbles. The Seppelt presently on offer is feral & is an embarrassment compared to the current French offerings in other Oneworld business lounges (especially Emirates & QATAR)- As stated by others, higher, more practical tables, the little round ones are useless for eating &...

  • Chris - your swimming training shot wins “photo of the year” so far!! I hope the pool towels were complimentary!

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  • QF SYD First Lounge day spa hours?

    Aug 21, 2019, 08:44 PM

    Thanks for the advice all - looks like this one might be a bust! Let's hope I'm travelling at a more quiet time next journey.

  • QF SYD First Lounge day spa hours?

    Aug 21, 2019, 09:32 AM

    I'm Qantas Platinum off to HNL in J on Sat. Wheels up 1915. Does anyone know the opening hours for the day spa in the First Lounge? I read somewhere it closes at 4pm which would make a walk up appointment a slim chance!

  • I've just racked up 420 000 QF points and think I'll make it to 450 000 in coming months. I'm QF gold but will be Plat by the end of Sept. Can anyone advise as to a good way to maximise these points for 2pax?Ideally we'd like to go in business. Usually I blow my points on single sector upgrades (...

  • $700 to upgrade from PE to Business.

    Sep 26, 2018, 04:15 PM

    Do it! You only live once and if you don’t fly J regularly I can’t imagine a nicer aircraft to do it on than the A350. I never regret splashing out points or money for an upgrade even if it seems a bit indulgent at the time. Enjoy!

  • Dear All,This is outstanding advice - thank you all very much. I’ll take the cautious approach & will book the longer connection.As for lounge access at Terminal D - I’ve heard the QF 3rd party lounge is pretty average - is Admirals Club a better option? I’m QF Gold. I also ...

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