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  • Originally Posted by mh0102 Whilst I've not used it on United, you probably will get charged the ITF as they are an overseas merchant. I've experienced it a few times with online shopping when paying in AUD.https://www.commbank.com.au/support.credit-cards.what-is-an-international-transac...

  • Depends on airline/plane for me. If it has to be QF it would be PE any day of the week given how badly I perceive they pack you in in Y. If it was SQ it would be much harder, but aisle Y would just edge out PE.

  • $700 to upgrade from PE to Business.

    Sep 26, 2018, 05:39 PM

    I was offered this on a SYD-CBR-SIN leg not long ago. It was a nice offer and I mentioned I would like a call back next morning. When I did my math later that day for an extra $50 or so I could have tacked on making my onward SIN-HKG leg into business as well. Politely declined the upgrade on cal...

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