Middle seat PE or aisle/window seat economy?

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So, just recently, my bid for an upgrade to business class was unsuccessful. However, I did score an at-the-gate upgrade to a Qantas premium economy seat. This is for an 8-hour red-eye flight to Australia. Because it was an at-the-gate upgrade, I did not know that the seat I was assigned to was the dreaded middle-seat. While the extra comfort of premium economy was much appreciated, its position in the middle-seat somehow made me feel trapped.

It did occur to me that maybe, just maybe, I was better off just sticking to my original aisle-seat in the economy, so, just for fun, I wonder what do the people in this forum think?

Poll: Aisle/window seat in Economy OR middle-seat in premium economy for an 8-hour red-eye flight?



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For an 8 hour flight it is more comfortable and spacious, and in either case you have to step over someone to go to the loo. So it is much the same in terms of access but is much roomier.



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I meant compared to a window seat. Even for an aisle seat I would go for the spaciousness. Either way you are asking someone to move to let you out or are moving to let someone else out.


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PE for sure


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An interesting sorta-philosophical (but in your case very practical) conundrum!

I could totally go either way on this.

Premium economy middle seat: well, yeah, a better seat for legroom and overall comfort but in the middle and physical as well as psychological feeling of being hemmed in. On an overnight flight the quality of trip and experience may well be up to your neighbours! Also depends on the aircraft, eg some may be inclined to avoid the Qantas Boeing 787 premium economy seat compared to the A380 premium economy seat.

Economy aisle seat: definitely less comfortable and you likely will have somebody climbing over you at least twice, but the rest of the time you could feel a bit less cramped. You really can't use the aisle space due to the need to keep it clear for passengers, crew, carts etc, but the sense of space is there.


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Economy aisle over Economy window or PE middle (esp QF787) anyday. If PE middle and economy window were the only options then PE middle every time


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Depends on airline/plane for me. If it has to be QF it would be PE any day of the week given how badly I perceive they pack you in in Y. If it was SQ it would be much harder, but aisle Y would just edge out PE.

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