Spirits back on Virgin Australia drink carts

By danwarne, August 24 2011
Spirits back on Virgin Australia drink carts

Spirits will once again be served on Virgin Australia flights, after the airline reversed an unpopular decision to remove them from drink trolleys.

The change had not been popular with Australian Business Traveller frequent flyers, with comments including "No spirits after August 11th. All in line with the new look and menu. Why? ‘a management decision', and not even an option to buy them."

Readers theorised they were being removed "so that they can stock the trolleys with other drinks that they sell more of. If nobody buys spirits then there's no point in filling the trolley with them and the extra space that they free up can be used to save time on a turn some time during the day (saving money)."

"Heard it on flight last weekend and confirmed after a flight yesterday the only options now are white and red wine, and Pure Blonde beer. The official line is after they did market research the results indicate the majority don’t want choice..."

It seems Virgin Australia heard the feedback loud and clear.

The airline announced via its Facebook page that it would be putting spirits back on inflight trolleys.

Virgin Australia's website shows the following spirits as being available on its Luke Mangan-designed menu...

A spokesperson for Virgin Australia's inflight product team told Australian Business Traveller, "following the introduction of our new menu format in March, we are trialling a number of different beverages, and not all can be stocked on the flight at the same time.

"We have re-introduced the spirits to our in-flight menu as a result of customer feedback. We continually review our menu and feedback from guests is welcomed."

09 May 2011

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Frankly, since the recent flexi fare overhaul, the menu selections on Virgin have gone markedly downhill.  Now the selection of snacks on board are the bare minimum and meal selections are now also very sparse.

Not convinced that *reducing* selections for a buy-on-board service is a good idea.

10 Apr 2012

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I totally agree that the meals and snacks are limited and no consideration has been taken into account for the lactose intolerant,diabetics and any other medical conditions that prevent people from having certain foods and drink.What needs to be done is a complete overhaul.Offer some kind of fruit/cake/cookie type offerings as well like Qantas do outside of standard meal time flights or some health foods too.I liked the days when you could get Soup or Muesli Bars when I first started flying with them in 2007/2008.If they must go speak to the Australian Medical Association about adopting a healthy menu to the Airline at any cost.

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