Sullivans Cove to release Special Cask #3

By James Fordham, June 19 2018
Sullivans Cove to release Special Cask #3

Tasmanian distillery Sullivans Cove will be releasing the latest cask in their range of unique and rare malts, designated Special Cask #3.

The Special Cask series was first launched in 2017, and is typically reserved for the rarest whiskies that Sullivans Cove offers, including one-of-a-kind releases that score highly with an internal tasting panel. Last year’s Special Cask #1 and #2 sold out at a price of $750 per bottle, making this a proposition for serious whisky collectors only.  

This year’s Special Cask #3 comes from a single cask, number TD0119, a 225 litre, French Oak barrel that originally matured Australian white wine. The cask has been aged for just under twelve years and produced 321 bottles.  

Although Special Cask #1 (TD0202) also came from a French Oak white wine barrel, #3 is significantly different in style because the cask is smaller and aged for longer. The additional exposure to oak has created a richer, darker, and oakier whisky compared to the light and floral TD0202.

Sullivans Cove production manager Heather Tillott says “this is one of the most intriguing casks I’ve had the pleasure of watching mature. It is unique, charming, and with every component singing in harmony. This is one of my favourite whiskies I’ve had the opportunity to bottle".

Special Cask #3 will be initially released to Sullivans Cove mailing list members before the general public – you can join the mailing list here.   

The release comes off the back of the distillery’s recent win at the World Whisky Awards for World’s Best Single Cask Single Malt Whisky.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Pear and walnut initially, perfumed malt and an herbal floral wave emerging. Mille-feuille, snow peas and Champagne appear after a minute.

Palate: A distinct grape vine note; ripe cherries and mandarin. An earthy element in cocoa and coconut are present, and the mouthfeel is soft and velvety.

Finish: The citrus stays with the cocoa and coconut. Just when the finish seems near a warm burst of ripe raspberries gives a next level of length.

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