Sydney Airport introduces Twitter-based flight status updates

By David Flynn, January 13 2017
Sydney Airport introduces Twitter-based flight status updates

Sydney Airport has rolled out a handy little travel assist for the social media generation: now you can get flight updates via Twitter.

Send a tweet to @flySYD and include your flight number, and you'll receive an automated reply with the status of your flight.

This starts with the departure time and gate number...

... and is followed by a second tweet once boarding commences...

... but if you see this tweet, it probably means you've missed your flight.

You'll also be advised of delays to departures, and the scheduled arrival time of inbound flights is also available:

The system draws itself information from the same system used for the airport's smartphone app (available for iPhone and Android devices) but instead of pushing alerts to the app, it blasts out tweets.

The Twitter updates are available for domestic and international flights, although at this stage there seems to be no pre-flight information such as the checkin counters used – which would certainly be useful for the international terminal.


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28 Jul 2016

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Good job SYD! This will be very helpful when flying out of Sydney!

12 Dec 2012

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So they aren't going with the idea of only telling people the gate number a short time before boarding starts?
(last time I was at SYD, they were following the LHR idea of not displaying gate numbers until ~20 mins before boarding)

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