Sydney, Melbourne airport world's priciest parking

By danwarne, August 23 2011
Sydney, Melbourne airport world's priciest parking

The country's two biggest airports have been given the all clear by a government Productivity Commission to keep charging passengers some of the highest parking rates in the world.

Sydney Airport parking fees are $15 per hour for short-term parking, and Melbourne Airport $12, dwarfing rates at other international airports including Singapore at $1.92 per hour, Los Angeles at $2.88 and Heathrow at $7.16.

It's a similar story for long-term parking: Sydney and Melbourne both charge $52 for a day, while John F. Kennedy Airport in New York only charges $31.68.

Heathrow was the only airport the Commission could find in the world that was more expensive for long-term parking, at $78.39 for a day.

However, travellers can save substantial amounts of money by choosing to park just outside the airport, which is one of the reasons the Commission found airports weren't in an abusive monopoly position.

Australian Business Traveller checked parking prices for all the carparks near Sydney Airport in December and found parking as cheap as $20 a day for an overnight stay, or $8.92 a day for a two-week stay.

You can see our full report including a list of the cheapest car parks here.


15 Apr 2011

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Wonder what impact current exchange rates have had on those figures... I agree though that it is utterly ridiculous - I now catch a train to Rockdale Station then the public bus...

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