Sydney-Melbourne is world's fourth busiest air route

By David Flynn, April 13 2011
Sydney-Melbourne is world's fourth busiest air route

Australia's busiest air route – the corridor between Sydney and Melbourne – is also the fourth busiest in the world, behind domestic services in Japan and South Korea.

OAG Aviation rates the 90 minute flight between Tokyo Haneda and Sapporo as the world's busiest air route, with over a million seats per month. Flights between South Korea's Seoul Gimpo and Jeju are next on the list, followed by Tokyo Haneda and Fukuoka.

That Sydney-Melbourne sits so high on the ladder will come as little surprise to frequent flyers between the two cities. It even outstrips the world's most popular international route of Hong Kong and Taipei, which sits in fifth place.

By contrast, OAG calculates that flights between London and New York this month will offer a little over 300,000 seats (considerably more than the same month last year, incidentally) - meaning that on a global level, the route is in fact the 75th and 76th busiest (from New York to London and vice-versa).

Asia remains the dominant force in commercial air travel, representing almost one-third of the world's market.

"Emergent markets are rapidly catching up with established regions in terms of size" observes Peter von Moltke, CEO of OAG parent company UBM Aviation.

"One significant example is the strong and continued growth within the Chinese market; with future expectations of growth in demand, it is likely that this market will be larger than the total North American market within the decade."

Year-on-year, the two fastest growing markets in the world in terms of frequency of service are those to and from the Middle East, and to and from the Asia Pacific region.


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