Boeing 747

Lufthansa 747s get customised Allegris first, business class

The Queen of the Skies will cosset passengers above the clouds with a variation of Lufthansa’s ne...

The last Boeing 747: farewell, Queen of the Skies

The final delivery of the iconic jumbo jet marks the end of an era.

Demand for first, business class sees jumbos soaring back

The fuel-inefficient 747 and A380 enjoy a second chance in the skies, thanks to their large numbe...

Retired British Airways 747 is reborn as a party plane

After more than 13,000 flights, one of BA’s storied jumbo jets can be booked for everything from ...

This Seattle high-rise will feature its own Boeing 747

Yes, that’s an actual Boeing 747 nestled between two 48-storey luxury apartment blocks.

Photos: Boeing’s groovy Tiger Lounge in the belly of the 747

In addition to the Boeing 747's iconic hump, the jumbo almost featured a spacious lower deck loun...

The all-economy class Qantas Boeing 747

The promise of supersonic travel could have resulted in a Boeing 747 packed with economy seats fr...

Supersonic dreams: Qantas almost flew the Concorde

Some 60 years ago, the Flying Kangaroo was eager to get hopping faster than the speed of sound.

Thai Airways is selling all of its Boeing 747s

All ten of the Thai carrier's jumbo jets have hit the second-hand market.

End of an era: British Airways retires its last Boeing 747s

Another airline ditches the jumbo in a sad farewell for what was once among the world's largest B...

Qantas is selling a thousand Boeing 747 bar carts

Fancy a fully-stocked Boeing 747 drinks cart for your home or office?

Qantas to auction off Boeing 747 memorabilia

Fancy a Boeing 747 business class drinks cart as your own personal bar?

Lufthansa may speed Airbus A350 deliveries

As Lufthansa looks to axe the Airbus A380 and Boeing 747 it could accelerate delivery of new A350...

The world's biggest jets are headed for the boneyard

The mighty Airbus A380 and Boeing 747 helped shrink the world, but now the airlines which flew th...

Boeing pulls the plug on the 747 jumbo jet

The stretched 747-8 Intercontinental jumbo, never a hit with airlines, marks the end of the line ...

Final call: Qantas farewells the iconic Boeing 747 jumbo jet

Qantas says goodbye to the plane that truly transformed international travel in its heyday.

British Airways retires Boeing 747 fleet

It's a case of Boeing, Boeing, Gone for the airline that was, until now, the world's largest oper...

Qantas Boeing 747 farewell 'Jumbo Joy Flights'

Get ready to make your fond farewell to the Qantas Boeing 747, because these scenic joyflights wi...