Boeing 777

Turkish Airlines’ all-new ‘Crystal’ business class suite

Get ready for a very new and very different entrant in the business class arms race.

How Cathay Pacific is reinventing its business class

On the radar: new seats, free WiFi, an upgraded lounge experience and more...

Emirates to launch new 777 business class this year

The Gulf airline has a new Boeing 777 business class seats on the way, while also ramping up its ...

AirNZ’s new 777 first class suite looks familiar...

This Boeing 777 is crowded by six spacious first class suites, along with vastly better business ...

Cathay’s new 777 ‘Halo’ first class suites to launch in 2025

The airline promises ‘world-leading’ first class suites for the long-range 777-9 fleet.

Cathay now flying first class to Sydney, Melbourne

The flagship 777s with their six spacious suites add a touch of luxe to the nine-hour journey.

Lofts and bunk beds: ‘secret’ cabin crew rest compartments

From upstairs lofts to below-decks bunks, here is where pilots and cabin crew relax and sleep.

Qatar Airways scraps plans for Boeing 777X first class

The compact luxury cabin was intended to feature on a handful of Boeing 777-9 jets on premium rou...

Air Canada developing new Boeing 787, 777 business class

The airline’s flagship international Signature Class is headed for an upgrade.

Emirates now jets off from Melbourne to Dubai via Singapore

Though not on a superjumbo, the additional flights still deliver plenty of inflight comfort.

United Airlines Boeing 777 Polaris business class (SFO-EWR)

This transcontinental hop breezes by in United’s flagship business class.

The Boeing 777X is now a globe-striding private jet

The private jet concepts paint a picture of what’s possible within the ultra-long range aircraft.

Boeing 777X delays lets airlines revise business class

With the next-gen Boeing 777X way behind schedule, some airlines are now taking a second look at ...

Etihad upgrades Sydney, Melbourne to Boeing 777

The big Boeing is back, but this time without first class for the 14-hour journey to Abu Dhabi.

SQ “very excited” on new Boeing 777-9 first, business

Over-sized first class suites? Sliding doors in business class? Everything is on the table as SQ ...

Here is KLM’s all-new premium economy

Wider seats, greater legroom, and an exclusive menu are a few of the Premium Comfort perks.

Air France pulls back the curtain on new La Premiere suites

These oversized suites are promised to feature “a seat, a sofa and a fully flat bed.”

Here is Air France’s new all-suite business class with doors

“Comfort and elegance” are the touchstones of the SkyTeam member’s Boeing 777 suites.