Boeing 777

Singapore Airlines to retire Airbus A380s, Boeing 777s

Over a third of Singapore Airlines' A380s are being put out to pasture as the carrier right-sizes...

Japan Airlines to retire its domestic Boeing 777s

Japan is one of the few countries where the international-grade Boeing 777 features on domestic r...

Cathay's Boeing 777-9 deliveries postponed to "beyond 2025"

The airline's new flagship, along with its new first class suites and business class seats, are ...

BA's new Boeing 777 first class suite to have doors

Now that BA's business class includes sliding doors, first class is about to catch up.

Air New Zealand grounds Boeing 777s to Sept 2021

Air New Zealand will extend the grounding of its long-range Boeing 777 fleet "until at least Sep...

Emirates to swap some Boeing 777X orders for 787s

The Gulf colossus seeks to switch its Boeing mix from the biggest 777-9 to the mid-sized Dreamliner.

Cathay delays new Boeing 777-9 first, business class

Cathay Pacific's Boeing 777-9, and the airline's next-gen first class suites and business class s...

Emirates faces two-year wait for Boeing 777X

The Gulf carrier's "next-generation" portfolio for premium travellers will now take flight in 2022.

Virgin Australia axes Airbus A330s, Boeing 777s

Virgin ditches its biggest jets, and its best business class, to become a smaller Boeing 737-only...

Singapore Airlines delays new first, business class

With the Boeing 777-9 now running two years late, there's a knock-on effect for Singapore Airline...

Boeing 777X launch pushed back to 2022

A worldwide drop in demand for air travel will see now Boeing's new flagship make its debut in 2022.

Cathay Pacific pushes back Airbus A350, A321neo deliveries

Another round of delays for new jetliners from Airbus and Boeing.

Emirates says Boeing 777X will miss 2021 debut

The long-awaited Boeing 777X will make airlines wait a little longer, says major customer Emirates.

Qatar maps out Boeing 777 retirement timetable

The Gulf carrier maps out a retirement plan for its long-distance workhorse.

Qatar plans "exclusive" Boeing 777X first class suites

The compact luxury cabin would feature on a handful of Boeing 777-9 jets on premium routes such a...

The new wave of Boeing 777X business class

The Boeing 777X will deliver a new wave of business class seats, and some new first class suites ...

Emirates: "all bets are off" on new Airbus, Boeing jets

Emirates will revisit all outstanding orders for new jets from Airbus and Boeing.

Cathay Pacific eyes Boeing 787-10 as swap for 777X

The Boeing 787-10 could prove a better fit for the cash-strapped airline and the post-coronavirus...